One-off class

The Secret Life of Honey Bees

We all know the phrase, “As busy as a bee,” but just how busy are bees? What do they do in their daily lives and which bees are the busiest? In this one-off class, your child will learn about the different types of bees and the specific jobs that they do to keep the hive running as smooth as honey. They will learn how to spot a queen bee among thousands of workers and will be taught (step by step) how to draw a realistic honey bee.

Emma J
Taught by Emma J.
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Up to 10 students
7 - 11 year olds
1 x 1 hour sessions
One-off class
£12.00 per session
Total £12.00

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I am a friendly, reliable professional with over 15 years’ of domestic and international experience working as teacher in a variety of settings including, schools, colleges and adult learning centres.


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