Starts Monday 18th Oct at 5:15 PM

Real-life Maths

Maths (Primary)

Make connections between numbers and measures. Become fluent in solving mathematical problems and giving evidenced reasons. Increase your confidence to solve real-life problems without relying on technology. Develop a mathematical mindset and enjoy Maths!

Nadine J
Taught by Nadine J.
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Up to 10 students
7 - 9 year olds
7 x 1 hour sessions
Mondays at 5:15pm
£12.00 per session
Total £84.00

Class content

Session 1

Monday 18th October at 5:15 PM 60 mins

Session 1 will act as a general mathematical assessment. It will be presented through problem-solving tasks that will reflect children's overall mathematical ability. Appropriate strategies for Number/Place Value will be explored to ensure each child has the best chance of succeeding in the following sessions based on Measures.

Session 2

Monday 25th October at 5:15 PM 60 mins

Supermarket Shop' will be based around Money. Children will develop their confidence with coins/notes, pounds/pence and estimation. They will develop their Addition/Subtraction skills, consider the mass of lose items and consider what is good value for money.

Session 3

Monday 1st November at 5:15 PM 60 mins

'Bake your own' is based on cooking/baking as opposed to buying ready-made foods. They will calculate the mass of ingredients accurately and experience simple conversions. Children will build on their multiplication/division knowledge, considering the cost of ingredients and time/effort required. Is batch cooking more efficient and cheaper?

Session 4

Monday 8th November at 5:15 PM 60 mins

Build not buy' is based on construction and home-improvement skills. Children will accurately record length, height and depth of everyday items and use appropriate units of measure. Children will calculate the perimeter/area of flooring or number of wallpaper rolls needed. The 'DIY' cost will be explored and reasoned effectively.

Session 5

Monday 15th November at 5:15 PM 60 mins

Travel the world' is based on efficient and cost effective holidays/vacations. Children will consider and compare distance, cost and time. They will use old-fashioned 'Google Maps' and a calendar to demonstrate reasons for their choices. They may encounter some problems to solve...

Session 6

Monday 22nd November at 5:15 PM 60 mins

Manage your money' will be problem-based and bring together all previous measure topics explored. It will help children develop reasons for their thinking whilst considering alternatives. Saving/spending and the importance of prioritisation may also be explored.

Session 7

Monday 29th November at 5:15 PM 60 mins

Ultimate Mathematician' is where children will use everything that they have learnt to solve problems, reason mathematically and make evidenced decisions. Children should now be fully aware and confident in measures and prepared for future mathematical challenges.

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Primary teacher and 1 year tutoring. 10 years experience in settings with children 0-11. Adapt strategies to meet individual's needs so everyone can succeed. In-depth knowledge of the school curriculum in England.


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