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Pearson Edexcel Anthology Made Easy

This 5-day course for students, studying the Pearson Edexcel iGCSE Anthology, will give you the tools to tackle these non-fiction texts. We will clearly, methodically (and enjoyably!) look at how to read, understand, analyse and write critically, using each of the texts. Having taught this anthology at exam level to a wide range of students, many of whom have found these texts tricky, I am confident in helping any student to increase their grade when writing about these texts. Before the Course starts, students will be sent; A schedule for each lesson, so that they know what to expect. A copy of this year’s anthology. A pack of study material that we will use during the course. This Course is accessible and differentiated for dyslexic students and other students who have a neurodiverse way of learning. There will be an optional short piece of homework that students may like to complete and submit before the Course starts and between each session.

John M
Taught by John M.
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Up to 10 students
13 - 16 year olds
5 x 1 hour sessions
Daily class
£15.00 per session
Total £75.00

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Retired Specialist English teacher, from primary up to GCSE level. 35 years' teaching experience. Teach Language and Literature. Specialise with individual lessons, teaching neurodiverse students. £60 per hour. 1200 lessons taught on Tutorful.


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