Starts Thursday 21st Oct at 6:00 PM

Infection and Response

Biology (GCSE)

A look at infection and response focusing on pathogens and how they cause disease. A detailed look at plant disease and disease prevention in both plants and animals. This is a multi syllabus class covering OCR EdExcel and AQA exam boards.

Azra A
Taught by Azra A.
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Up to 10 students
13 - 16 year olds
5 x 1 hour sessions
Thursdays at 6:00pm
£15.00 per session
Total £75.00

Class content

Session 1

Thursday 21st October at 6:00 PM 60 mins

Introduction to disease-causing pathogens and communicable disease, looking at bacteria viruses protist's and fungi and common disease focusing on symptoms, treatments and mode of spread.

Session 2

Thursday 28th October at 6:00 PM 60 mins

The defence mechanisms - a look at the immune system, first-line defence, second-line defence, the immune system mounts a response and exam questions. Monoclonal antibodies triple science

Session 3

Thursday 4th November at 6:00 PM 60 mins

Preventing the spread of disease and vaccinations - disease prevention, a look at vaccinations and how they work and plant disease and defences exam questions.

Session 4

Thursday 11th November at 6:00 PM 60 mins

Drugs and antibiotic resistance - a detailed look at various drug treatments and how they work, where do drugs come from, how drugs will come on to the market place, antibiotic resistance and exam questions.

Session 5

Thursday 18th November at 6:00 PM 60 mins

Exam questions and application - can you now apply what you have learnt, lots and lots of exam questions to show you variation and a layered approach starting with the simplest and going to the hardest.

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My style of teaching is all about exam technique, revision &making learning fun. I have extensive experience teaching across all exam boards at A level & GCSE and an exceptional track record for improving grades.


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