Starts Wednesday 20th Oct at 8:30 PM

GCSE Structure and Bonding

Chemistry (GCSE)

This is a detailed look at some of the core principles in Chemistry. This is the module that underpins the whole of chemistry syllabus looking at structure and bonding. How and why atoms join together and the properties of compounds. Ge to grips with this and ace your exams

Azra A
Taught by Azra A.
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Up to 10 students
13 - 16 year olds
6 x 1 hour sessions
Wednesdays at 8:30pm
£15.00 per session
Total £90.00

Class content

Session 1

Wednesday 20th October at 8:30 PM 60 mins

Ionic bonding explained in relation to properties and detailed understanding with exam questions

Session 2

Wednesday 27th October at 8:30 PM 60 mins

Covalent bonding with, complete understanding of covalent bonding and the properties of covalent molecule

Session 3

Wednesday 3rd November at 8:30 PM 60 mins

We will look at giant covalent structures and their properties

Session 4

Wednesday 10th November at 8:30 PM 60 mins

Metallic bonding and properties of metals extensive look at metals the bonding and properties of metallic compounds.

Session 5

Wednesday 17th November at 8:30 PM 60 mins

States of matter, changes in state and key concepts of the entire module. Why do compounds have the properties they do

Session 6

Wednesday 24th November at 8:30 PM 60 mins

Exam question fun! After this session you will never look back and worry about not understanding.We will look at multiple exam questions and focus on each student being able to have a go at exam questions..

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My style of teaching is all about exam technique, revision &making learning fun. I have extensive experience teaching across all exam boards at A level & GCSE and an exceptional track record for improving grades.


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