Starts Monday 18th Oct at 7:00 PM

Expert in Algebra

Maths (GCSE)

This class is for those students who really want to gain the best marks in the GCSE Maths higher exam. Algebra is over 30% of the marks required to achieve the top grades. Algebraic questions are used to improve wider knowledge and understanding, and practice timely answers.

Ian T
Taught by Ian T.
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Up to 10 students
15 - 16 year olds
4 x 1 hour sessions
Mondays at 7:00pm
£15.00 per session
Total £60.00

Class content

Session 1

Monday 18th October at 7:00 PM 60 mins

Tips and tricks - Simplifying, factorising and solving. You may already know how to factorise, but can you factorise quickly and efficiently and achieve all the marks required in an exam style question? Can you factorise if surds and fractions are included? This first lesson will really help students consider their current knowledge and how to achieve maximum marks.

Session 2

Monday 25th October at 7:00 PM 60 mins

Solving quadratic equations - There are at east 6 different methods to solve a quadratic equation. This lesson will give an overview of the methods and demonstrate 2 exam style questions to give students further confidence in tackling the most difficult exam style questions. The wider knowledge is also beneficial for for those wanting to take A level Maths or Science.

Session 3

Monday 1st November at 7:00 PM 60 mins

Simultaneous equations and functions - Graphically or Algebraically? What's your best method to solve a Simultaneous Equation? Do you have the wider knowledge to use both in different contexts? This lesson demonstrates how to apply your current knowledge, working with re-arranging formula,substitution and functions, demonstrating tips and tricks for the best grade possible.

Session 4

Monday 8th November at 7:00 PM 60 mins

Algebraic Proof - with surfs and complex fractions - If "The difference between the squares of any two consecutive even numbers is multiple of 4" How do you prove this? What is the starting point to explain your answer how do you gain the maximum marks. This lesson will 2 good examples of this and then show how surds and complex fractions may also be used in exam questions.

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About me

A Maths teacher in schools, colleges and the community since 2004. I have great patience and tenacity to help students of all ages. Lessons are planned and enjoyable, using modern technologies. Students improve in confidence and grades.


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