Starts Monday 1st Nov at 5:00 PM

Calculus Explained

Maths (A-Level)

Ever wondered what calculus is and how is it done? What are its applications and where does it come from? In these sessions I will explain the origins of calculus and show you how to derive it, introduce basic differentiation and integration and cover their applications. All will be explained!

Callum B
Taught by Callum B.
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Up to 10 students
16 - 18 year olds
7 x 1 hour sessions
Mondays at 5:00pm
£15.00 per session
Total £105.00

Class content

Session 1

Monday 1st November at 5:00 PM 60 mins

In this session we will discuss the history of calculus and start focussing on differentiation. We will learn visually what differentiation means and how to derive its definition from basic arguments. Finally we will get going on some simple examples.

Session 2

Monday 8th November at 5:00 PM 60 mins

In this session we will go over the power rule! This is where differentiation really starts. We'll talk about higher order derivatives and gain an understanding of where they can be useful. If time allows, we'll talk about stationary points and how to find them.

Session 3

Monday 15th November at 5:00 PM 60 mins

In session 3 we will continue our discussion of stationary points and turn our attention to optimisation problems! These sorts of problems are your first experience to real world uses of differentiation and are my personal favourite problems in first year A-level.

Session 4

Monday 22nd November at 5:00 PM 60 mins

In this session we will graduate from AS-level differentiation and start talking about A-level differentiation. We will keep it brief but introduce the three extra rules of differentiation that you will need in your A-level.

Session 5

Monday 29th November at 5:00 PM 60 mins

5 sessions in and you're probably ready to move on from differentiation - enter integration! It's back to basics this week, looking at where integration comes from by using basic arguments and visualisations.

Session 6

Monday 6th December at 5:00 PM 60 mins

In this session we will look at beginner integration problems including indefinite and definite integrals and we will understand the difference between the two.

Session 7

Monday 13th December at 5:00 PM 60 mins

In this final session, just in session 4, we will look at A-level integration methods including the two extra rules you will need for your A-level. This will complete the core topics of calculus that you'll need for the two year course.

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About me

A passionate math and physics tutor who is looking to elevate students to new heights. I want to prove that STEM can be fun and not scary! I am a Ph.D. student in Experimental Particle Physics working with data from the Large Hadron Collider!


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