Starts Tuesday 19th Oct at 6:30 PM

AQA GCSE Creative writing: Narrative Techniques

English (GCSE)

Creative writing is a large component of the GCSE English Language Paper 1 examination. This class will give students the tools and techniques they need to create stories which are innovative, unique and well-structured in order to gain higher level marks.

Anna W
Taught by Anna W.
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Up to 10 students
14 - 16 year olds
4 x 1 hour sessions
Tuesdays at 6:30pm
£15.00 per session
Total £60.00

Class content

Session 1

Tuesday 19th October at 6:30 PM 60 mins

Introduction to the class: this session will be an overview of story structure: Using exposition, inciting incidents, rising and falling action.

Session 2

Tuesday 26th October at 6:30 PM 60 mins

In this session, we will be looking at building characters, character archetypes, the fatal flaw, and the golden rule: ‘show don’t tell.

Session 3

Tuesday 2nd November at 6:30 PM 60 mins

In this session, we will look at linguistic devices, how to use linguistic devices to add detail and building sensory descriptions.

Session 4

Tuesday 9th November at 6:30 PM 60 mins

In the last session, we will cover planning using the exam prompts, general review: what makes a great short story? Student Example – Group critique and then a Q&A session.

More about Anna

About me

I am a kind, patient and passionate tutor with a BA in English Literature and an MA in creative writing. I am an English specialist and I have over 8 years of experience delivering a broad range of English qualifications.


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