Starts Friday 29th Oct at 4:00 PM

A Level Biology - Biological molecules (AQA Topic 1)

Biology (A-Level)

This class will aid students understanding of Biological Molecules (AQA Topic 1). Modules include the different types of molecules, DNA replication, the biological importance of water, and inorganic ions. This will also provide a foundation for later topics requiring this knowledge.

Dr Dylan W
Taught by Dr Dylan W.
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Up to 10 students
16 - 18 year olds
5 x 1 hour sessions
Fridays at 4:00pm
£15.00 per session
Total £75.00

Class content

Session 1

Friday 29th October at 4:00 PM 60 mins

Monomer and Polymers of Biological Molecules

Session 2

Friday 5th November at 4:00 PM 60 mins

The different types of biological molecules, their structures, and their uses. Covered molecules include carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids.

Session 3

Friday 12th November at 4:00 PM 60 mins

Proteins and enzymes. The levels of structure of proteins are explained, with enzymes used as a specific example. Enzyme function and factors affecting it are also explored.

Session 4

Friday 19th November at 4:00 PM 60 mins

Nucleotides and their derivatives (including ATP), and the processes involved in DNA replication.

Session 5

Friday 26th November at 4:00 PM 60 mins

The biological importance of water, and the identities and importance of inorganic ions.

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Biologist with experience covering each exam board plus professional experience as a researcher and university tutor. I help students make sense of topics in a comfortable patient atmosphere.


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