1st August, 2019

Why you Should Hire an SEN Tutor for your Child

By Joe D

Kids with Special Educational Needs (SEN) often struggle with mainstream teaching. These needs include conditions like dyslexia, dyspraxia, and autism.

The nature of these conditions means kids often require specialist help that most school teachers are unable to provide. Add to that the fact that class sizes are increasing while resources are decreasing, and it’s no wonder your child is struggling.

For that reason, an increasing number of parents are hiring private SEN tutors to help their child.

Here are some reasons why you should hire an SEN tutor.

1) Your Child is the Priority

Even if your child has special requirements, it’s hard for teachers to give them the attention they require. After all, they still need to be on hand to help the rest of the class.

This can often make your child feel more isolated, and they will end up falling further behind with their studies.

A private SEN tutor, however, puts your child first. For the entirety of each session, they’re only focused on helping your child.

This means they can help your child with any issues they face, and your child knows that they don’t have to compete for attention.

2) They’re an Expert

The average teacher may be aware of SEN, and know some of the basic ways in which they can help your child.

They won’t, however, be experts. This means they can’t always support your child to the extent they need.

SEN tutors have a complete understanding of your child’s issues, and so they can offer the best possible support.

They’ll know all of the latest techniques to aid your child as effectively as possible, and can help them with any issues they’re facing.

3) It’s More Comfortable

For some kids with SEN, school can be a daunting place. They can often feel ignored, and may even be experiencing bullying or teasing.

Their lack of confidence or understanding of social relationships can make school a very uncomfortable place to be.

Private SEN tutoring takes place in the comfort of your child’s home. They’ll feel more relaxed, and so more open to receiving the help that their tutor can provide.

By providing a “safe space” for your child to develop, your child’s tutor can get to the heart of the issue far quicker than their teacher.

4) Your Child’s Confidence will Improve

Confidence is a big issue for kids with SEN. They often compare themselves to their classmates, and don’t always understand why they can’t keep up.

This lack of confidence starts a vicious cycle, where they become even more withdrawn, lose more confidence, and then withdraw themselves further.

When you hire an SEN tutor, part of their job is to instil confidence in your child. They do this by taking the time to listen to them, and supporting them with their schoolwork.

As your child’s school work improves, and their self-esteem increases, so too will their confidence. They’ll start participating more in lessons, and engaging more with classmates.

5) Learning will Become Fun

Learning should be fun. For some kids with SEN, however, learning becomes a chore, or even the stuff of nightmares.

Your child might end up hating school, and as a result they’ll also hate learning. This can have a really negative impact on their development, and also their future life.

An SEN tutor can make learning fun again. They aren’t confined by the syllabus or the formal classroom setting. They can use different techniques, more suited to your child’s condition, to make subjects come to life.

Once your child realises learning can be fun, their whole attitude will shift. Chances are they’ll start enjoying their time at school, and their grades will improve as a result.

Find an SEN Tutor

If you have a child with special educational needs, it can be hard to know what to do next. The issues your child faces can feel overwhelming.

An SEN tutor won’t only help your child overcome those issues, but they’ll help you cope too.

If you’re concerned about the added expense, take a look at how much an SEN tutor is likely to cost. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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