1st August, 2019

Why you Should Hire an English Tutor for your Child

By Joe D

Thinking about hiring an English tutor for your child, but not sure whether it’s worth it? Well, hopefully this article will help.

Class sizes are growing, and teaching resources are diminishing. As a result, more and more kids are falling behind. With subjects like English, which aren’t as prioritised by the Government, this is even more common.

Many parents are now turning to private tutors to help their child with English. Tutors offer a fair number of benefits…

1) To Develop Key Skills

English is an important subject. A good grasp of English can help with communication, comprehension, and even learning across all the other subjects.

For that reason, it’s vital that your child learns English to their full potential. If your child never fully grasped the key skills associated with English (reading, grammar, spelling, etc.) then chances are they’re struggling in class.

A private tutor will be able to track back to those core skills and help your child grasp them once and for all. The knock-on effect of this is massive.

Your child will now be able to approach English lessons with more confidence in their abilities, and their grades will improve.

2) There’s No Embarrassment

Reading and writing are such natural skills that they’re often taken for granted. If your child isn’t particularly competent in these areas, they can end up feeling a little embarrassed.

A lack of reading skills, for example, may mean your child doesn’t understand what a textbook is saying, or will struggle to read aloud to their classmates. The embarrassment your child will feel often means they don’t admit where they’re falling short.

The one-to-one nature of private English tutoring provides your child with a safe space for them to admit where they need help.

Your child’s tutor can then support them through it, and help them develop their skills accordingly.

3) Receive Actual Feedback

A lot of English is marked relatively subjectively. While there is a marking scheme, it’s not always clear to your child where they went wrong.

Teachers simply don’t have the time to explain the marking to everyone, and so your child will often end up even more confused.

A tutor, however, focuses on your individual child. This means they can show them exactly where they went wrong, and explain how to improve their mark next time round.

4) Improved Focus and Concentration

Classrooms can be distracting places. There’s the constant threat of distracting classmates, dips in energy, and something more interesting going on outside the window.

Even the best teachers will struggle to identify every pupil that isn’t concentrating, and so it can often mean that your child isn’t fully focused on learning.

When your child is in a one-on-one situation, however, they aren’t able to be distracted. The tutor will notice right away, and get them back on track.

Most tutoring also happens from the comfort of your own home, and so your child will be more relaxed and willing to focus for a while.

5) Make English Fun

English is a fascinating subject, and many people fall in love with it. Unfortunately, kids don’t always feel the same way.

Part of this is due to having a standardised syllabus, which tries to cater for each and every child. As a result, English lessons aren’t as engaging for your child as they could be.

A tutor will understand how your child prefers to learn, and will make English lessons fun. This will help your child’s development.

As your child makes progress, they’ll enjoy English even more, and they’ll even start enjoying learning it at school.

Find an English Tutor

A good English tutor can help turn your child from a reluctant reader to a wannabe writer. They can help your child grasp one of the most vital subjects they’ll ever learn.

Hiring an English tutor probably won’t work out as expensive as you think. There’s a breakdown of how much you can expect to pay here.

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