1st August, 2019

Why you Should Hire a Tutor for your Child

By Joe D

At Tutorful, we believe that every child should have access to the best possible education. Unfortunately, a lot of schools are now struggling under austerity measures and increased class sizes.

Parents are now starting to hire private tutors for their kids, giving them the extra boost they need and the grades they deserve.

Tutoring offers a wide range of benefits. If you’re still sitting on the fence, then maybe this article will help.

Let’s dive in…

1) Focus on the Basics

The vast majority of students who struggle at school are in that position because they never fully mastered the basics. Imagine having to learn basic algebra when you still struggle with multiplication. It would make it ten times harder!

Of course, schools can’t work on the basics forever. Eventually they have to move on to other areas of the syllabus. This is often where kids get left behind.

That’s where tutoring comes in.

A tutor is able to fill the gaps in your child’s knowledge, no matter where they may be. If your child needs to focus on the basics, they can.

This can give your child the knowledge they need to catch up with the rest of their classmates.

2) Your Child is the Priority

It’s no secret that class sizes are growing. As schools struggle with the funding they need, and more children are getting into those schools, the average class is rapidly increasing.

That’s bad news for your child. Essentially, the lower the pupil-to-teacher ratio the better. In a class of 30 kids, the teacher can only spend a 30th of their time with your child.

And that’s assuming the teacher’s time is shared equally. The highest performing students don’t need any help, and then the worst performing students require a lot more. Those kids in the middle, who struggle with certain areas, don’t always get as much attention.

Those are the kids who need a little bit more attention. A tutor is able to provide that. Lessons are one-to-one, meaning that every single session can be focused on the areas that your child doesn’t understand.

3) Improved Focus and Concentration

Some children simply aren’t suited to the classroom environment. They get bored, they get restless, and they end up disrupting both their own learning, and that of their peers.

With tutoring, your child is in a one-on-one situation. This means there aren’t any distractions. They can’t talk to their friends, they can’t fiddle around with their pens. All they can do is focus on the tutor.

Your child can also learn somewhere they are comfortable, at a time to suit them. Do they work better in a less formal environment, like a kitchen or living room? Then they can. Do they learn better in the early mornings before the school day starts? Then they can.

Ultimately, it’s important that your child is able to focus. At school, their attention may wander and their learning will suffer. With a tutor, they will be fully focused on the lesson, and so they’ll make far better progress.

4) Learning to Love Learning

Struggling at school can be hugely demoralising for your child. They have the embarrassment of knowing less than their peers, and feeling stupid as a result. They have the frustration of not being able to do the work.

As a result, their confidence will start to slump. As their self-esteem decreases, they become resigned to the fact that they simply aren’t clever enough. It can be hard to bounce back from that.

Tutoring can help prevent your child from reaching those slippery slopes, and start to turn things around.

Thanks to tutoring, their work will start to improve. They’ll start achieving the grades they wanted. They’ll no longer be embarrassed in lessons.

In turn they’ll become more confident. They’ll see that hard work and perseverance pays off. They’ll learn to love learning. This attitude will set them up for the rest of their lives!

5) Going Beyond the Curriculum

If your child is particularly gifted at a certain subject, they’ll likely find themselves getting increasingly bored with their lessons. Their teacher can only go at the pace of the rest of the class, and generally has to stick to the syllabus.

While tutoring is often seen as a way of helping kids who are struggling, it can also be a great form of teaching for those who are excelling.

Learning about a subject should continue outside of the school gates, beyond the curriculum. If your child is truly passionate about a subject, but feels they need to learn more than just the syllabus, then a tutor can help develop their passion further.

If, for example, your child is studying GCSE Maths, but is already easily on track for a high grade, tutoring can help prepare them for A-Level and provide them with a head start.

It’s important to develop your child’s passion for a subject before it fizzles out. Tutoring can help you do that.

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Tutoring can literally turn your child’s life around. It can help struggling kids improve on the basics. It can help them focus. It can help them develop a love of learning. It will set them up for life.

It’s also not as expensive as you might think. We’ve broken down the average cost of a tutor here.

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