5th August, 2019

Why you Should Hire a Maths Tutor for your Child

By Joe D

Increasing class sizes, a lack of funding, and an increasing number of children means that schools are struggling more than ever.

A key subject like Maths can have a big impact on your child’s future. It’s important that your child has a good understanding of it.

Lots of parents are turning to private tutors for help. Tutoring offers a wide range of benefits, not least the fact that your child’s Maths skills and knowledge will drastically improve.

If you’re still a little unsure, then maybe this article will help you decide.

1) Focus on the Weak Spots

Your child’s Maths teacher has to teach a whole class. They have a large syllabus to work through, and so it’s hard to spend too long on one particular topic.

Sometimes your child will be forced to move on to the next topic before they’ve fully grasped the previous one. This has a knock-on effect, and your child will start to struggle with everything.

A Maths tutor is essentially employed by you, and so they’ll focus on whatever area you choose. That means they can hone in on the topics that your child struggles with and focus on helping them understand.

This will then help them out in class as they’ll have the understanding they need to progress to the next topics.

2) Receive Detailed Feedback

Maths involves a lot of working things out and solving problems. An incorrect answer could be caused by a number of reasons, including not understanding the topic, a miscalculation, or using the wrong approach.

When your child receives their marked work, it will generally just tell them that they have the wrong answer. Their teacher doesn’t have time to provide detailed feedback for every child’s work. Without that feedback, it’s hard for your child to improve.

That’s where tutoring excels. Your child’s tutor will be able to mark the work, and then talk your child through it, explaining in detail where they went wrong.

This approach will ensure your child learns from their mistakes, and will know how to answer the question next time round.

3) Cater to your Child’s Needs

Kids learn in different ways. Some prefer to be shown how to solve a Maths problem, others learn by trying it out for themselves.

It’s difficult for teachers with large class sizes to accommodate for all of these different types of learning. As a result, your child may struggle to learn efficiently.

The one-to-one nature of a private Maths tutor means that lessons can be tailored to your child’s needs and learning style.

This will help them grasp Mathematical concepts faster, and provide them with a deeper understanding of key topics.

4) Identify Mistakes as they Happen

Maths is a tricky subject. One reason for this is that a little misunderstanding early on can deeply impact subsequent learning. Learning a non-standard method of division, for example, can affect your child’s understanding of long division or algebra.

The trouble with large class sizes is that the teacher ends up spread too thin, so they aren’t always on hand to notice these minor mistakes.

Your child will then learn incorrectly. This “wrong learning” can take ages to undo once it’s embedded in your child, and can mean they fall behind in the future.

A Maths tutor, however, will notice these misunderstandings as and when they happen. They can then counter them immediately, and set your child on the right track.

5) Make Maths Fun

We realise this sounds impossible, but Maths can be fun! Unfortunately, a lack of understanding can often mean Maths is your child’s least favourite subject.

As your child falls increasingly behind, and the topics become even more complicated, it’s no wonder they grow to hate Maths.

But, with a tutor’s guidance, your child can learn to love Maths again. Their understanding of core concepts will increase, and they’ll start to see improvements in their work and grades.

In turn, this will give them more confidence, and they’ll start to realise that Maths is fun when you know how to do it!

Find a Maths Tutor

Hiring a Maths tutor for your child will revolutionise their learning. Maths is an incredibly important subject, and so it’s crucial that your child develops a thorough understanding of it.

The best part is that Maths tutors probably aren’t as expensive as you might think! We’ve broken down the costs of a Maths tutor here.

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