15th April, 2020

What Should You Look For When Choosing an Online Tutor?

By Hannah C

As more and more parents turn to online tutors to help support their children's education while schools are shut, we thought we'd share some tips on how to find the perfect online tutor.

There are thousands of online tutors out there, across a wide range of subjects. That can make it hard to find the right one for you and your child.

There are, however, a few different things you can take into account and keep an eye on when you start trying to find an online tutor...

How much does the tutor cost?

It's safe to say that a lot of families are struggling financially at the moment, and so you may not have the biggest budget to spend on online tutors.

The tutors on our platform can charge anywhere from £15 to £50 per hour. Some charge even more for highly-specialised subjects.

That means it's important you take the time to think about your budget, and how much you're willing to spend on an online tutor.

Once you have an amount in mind, you can then filter the tutors down to those that fit your budget.

This is a good way of narrowing your search down right away. It also means you know you can afford any of the tutors that you look at in more detail.

How much experience does the tutor have?

There are two different kinds of experience levels you need to look for in an online tutor.

Firstly, how long have they been tutoring?

This is a really important consideration. The more tutoring and teaching experience an online tutor has, the better they are at explaining concepts and communicating with your child.

Experience is even more important if your child has specific educational needs that they'll need to take care of.

The other level of experience is subject-specific experience. At lower levels, like Primary, subject-specific knowledge isn't as important. But with GCSE and A-Level standard, online tutors will need to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject they're teaching.

Luckily, most online tutors will provide their credentials in their Tutorful bio, so make sure you read their profile. If you still have questions, simply message them and ask.

Do they have good reviews?

One of the most useful parts of a tutor's profile on Tutorful is the reviews section.

reviews banner tutorful

Here you can see whether other children and parents have had a positive experience with the online tutor.

This is a good way of seeing whether the tutor is right for your child.

Remember that it isn't always about the highest reviews though. One 5-star review might look better than an average of 4-stars. But if the tutor with 4-stars has 10 reviews, then maybe there's a reason they're more popular.

It's also worth noting that reviews will often be left by people who have had either a really positive or really negative experience. As such, it's best to take them with a pinch of salt.

How responsive are they to messages?

We recommend that you spend some time getting to know your online tutor before booking your first lesson.

It's really easy to message online tutors using the Tutorful app. At this point, it's worth keeping an eye on how responsive the tutors are.

How long do they take to reply to your messages? Are their replies short or are they happy to go into extra detail?

It's really important to choose an online tutor who is quick to respond. This is useful if you need to reschedule a lesson, or if your child has a burning question about their work.

That's why Tutorful makes it really easy to see how responsive tutors are.

response search results

response rate profile

Simply go to a tutor's profile and you'll be able to see how long it takes them to reply to messages on average.

What does your child think?

Of course, when all is said and done, you're not the one having online lessons. Your child is going to be working closely with the online tutor, so it's only fair they get a say.

Let them look through the shortlist of online tutors with you, and see which tutors they prefer.

Let them send a few messages back and forth with the tutors they like, so they can get a feel for what kind of person they are.

Children tend to be drawn to some people over others, and so this is a good way of narrowing down your options.

It also helps to get your child involved and engaged with the tutoring process, meaning they'll be looking forward to their online lessons.

Online tutoring offers many benefits

The amazing thing about online tutoring is that you aren't restricted by geography and location. Your child can learn with a tutor from the other side of the country.

Thanks to our innovative platform, complete with video calling and shared whiteboards, it will be like they're in the same room.

As long as you take the time to research the online tutors before you choose one, then we're sure everything will go smoothly, and your child will love their online learning.

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