22nd July, 2021

Tutorful Talks Has Teamed Up With Amazelab

By Kirstan N

We know, the last thing you or your children are thinking about this summer is any form of learning, but hear us out.

Sitting in front of a laptop and listening to a scientist give a presentation is probably not something that you’d be rushing to add to your diary, but what if we told you that your child would learn how to make their own tornado? Or create their own magnet maze?

The key to keeping your child’s brain engaged when school is out is by combining learning with fun, which is why we’ve teamed up with Amazelab for a special series of Tutortul Talks.

Making Learning Fun

Amazelab is a fellow Sheffield-based company that focuses on STEAM - (science, technology, engineering, art, and maths). We decided to enlist their help so that we can deliver some interesting and interactive sessions to children of all ages that will hopefully become the highlight of their summer. Better yet, it’s free, so absolutely anyone can attend without having to worry about factoring it into their budget.

We’re kicking off with a double whammy on Tuesday the 27th of June, with a session for primary-aged children on the science of bubbles, and one delving into the intricacies of ecosystems for those in secondary school. There are no age limits though, so your child can join any session that interests them.

All you need to do is register for your free ticket for each event, ensure you have the items you need to take part in any interactive sections, and join the call via Zoom at the time of the session.

At this point, you must be eager to know what kind of sessions we have in store, so here are a few of the topics:

Bubble Magic

The Wonders of Space

Amazing Insects

Weird Weather

Sessions Are Free - We Might Even Pay You!

Not only are our sessions totally free, you could end up coming out of them with credit to spend on our website.

This is because we want more people to know just how amazing Tutorful is, and the benefits learning online can have for your child.

The first 10 new customers who register for each session* will get £25 worth of credit to use on our online lessons. Considering that we currently have 12 sessions booked in, that’s a LOT of credit we’ll be giving away...you do the math!

This can be used for anything from a catchup in English, a taster session of learning a new language, or giving your child the chance to dip their toes into a new hobby.

We have a wide range of qualified, trusted tutors that offer over 300 subjects at any level so we’re confident that once you discover how simple yet immersive online tutoring is, you won’t look back.

Like the Sound of £25 Worth of Credit?

The above offer is only for customers who are either brand new to Tutorful or those who have an account but have never had a lesson.

So, we thought it was only fair to make sure that our current loyal customers also have access to an awesome offer.

This is why we wanted to remind you about our refer a friend scheme.

All you need to do is follow this link and enter the email address of someone who you think might benefit from lessons with Tutorful.

Not only will they get £25 worth of credit, but you will too! You can do this as many times as you like, so the more people you refer to us, the more credit you’ll be able to stack up.

Keep an Eye on Our Social Media

Each week we will be posting details of upcoming Tutorful Talks sessions so make sure you follow us and keep an eye out on our social media channels for details of upcoming topics, and a list of items you’ll need to have on hand in order to follow along.

And if you need the link again to register - here it is! Did we mention all sessions are free?!

*Limited to the first 10 new customers per event. A new customer is someone who has an account but has never had a paid lesson, or an entirely new customers.

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