8th December, 2017

Tutora is becoming Tutorful

By Rachael S

Tutora has become Tutorful

From the moment we built our first two desks in Scott’s spare bedroom all the way back in August 2015 to launch Tutora, we have always held a very firm vision about who we are and what we stand for.

Tutora was conceived from realising the very real pain faced by parents seeking help for their children, and by tutors struggling to position themselves as trustworthy educators in their local area. We built Tutora on a foundation of delivering trust, transparency and an extraordinary level of service for all.

Over the two and a half years since, we’ve remained committed to upholding these ideals - an effort which has led to tremendous success in cultivating a talented community of tutors, who believe in our mission. In working together to embody these values, we've earned the trust of parents and, together, we've been able to help tens of thousands of empowered learners.

Our Team's Vision

Many of you will have spoken to our friendly team of Education Advisors, who enjoy getting to know you and your needs. They are part of a wider, close knit team of 20 - a team which shares these common goals…

- To help every learner, across every subject, level and age, find the help they need to achieve their goals.

- To help great tutors meet students they can truly help.

- To help facilitate the best lessons possible and to make tutoring simple.

- To build an incredible community, which works together to improve learning for all.

In seeking to achieve these aims, we believe that we can help a huge number of people experience the transformative power and joy of learning, whatever the subject, whatever the age, wherever they are.

We believe that learning is wonderful.

We are Tutorful.

The Future

We're sure that you're as proud as we are to have been able to help tens of thousands of learners to date. We hope that you can see how hard our team, as Tutora, has worked to get to this point, but also how determined we are to do much more, as Tutorful.

As you share in our vision and continue to work with us to further grow our community, we'd love to hear how we can improve the site or our service. We always listen to your feedback and try to make the changes needed as quickly as possible so we can keep progressing in the right direction and to further improve learning together.

The Short-Term

Changing our name to Tutorful will not result in any change to the way our service works. The website, your dashboard and the process of tutors and learners interacting together will remain exactly the same.

We switched over on the morning of Tuesday 12th December. Now we’re back up and running you’ll notice the new Tutorful branding across the site and you’ll be able to find us at our new web address of tutorful.co.uk.

Over the remainder of next week you’ll notice other changes such as our email addresses, social media and other links changing. As soon as this happens we’ll update you with our new contact details, but don’t worry as all of our previous contact details will still work too.

We know you may have a lot of questions not answered here about why we’ve chosen to move to Tutorful and about using our platform, so as usual our support lines and email will be fully available to help.

To close, we’d like to extend a personal thank you from the entire Tutorful (formerly Tutora) team for sharing this journey with us. We're excited about what the future holds and look forward to continuing to work with you.

Scott and Mark
Co-Founders @ Tutorful

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