26th January, 2018

Top Maths Resources You Need To Ace Your Maths GCSE Exams

By Hannah C

Love them or loathe them, nearly 1 million students are required to take their GCSEs every year. Along with Science and English, Maths is a core subject providing perpetual puzzlement for students across the UK.  

The updated 9-1 GCSE in Maths has hundreds of facts, formulas and basic processes that you need to get really friendly with before you can even start solving problems. 

Unfortunately, there isn't a sure-fire way to know what revision technique or resources will work for you for each subject. So if you haven't quite got your style nailed down, and are looking for the best resources to ace your GSCE Maths exams - you're in the right place.

We've compiled top recommended websites, revision apps, study apps and tools for you to refer to when you're knuckling down with your daily revision graft. Always remember, you can do anything you set your mind to! 

Don't worry, we've got you covered if you're looking for top tools you need to ace your grades and stop procrastinating, and the best revision techniques

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Best Revision Websites and Books

Best Revision and Study Apps

Best Study and Exam Tools

Best Revision Websites and Books


Website: www.onmaths.com

OnMaths is bursting with useful content if you're looking to ace your Maths GCSE exams. Their committed expert team regularly update the site with links to their own highly rated youtube videos. Clear and concise, their revision techniques are perfect for visual and auditory learners on a mission to learn fast.

Tutorful Favourite Feature

A Demon Questions tab takes you to a compilation of all the hardest GSCE Maths questions to date - if you can do these, you can do anything! 


Website: www.tutorful.co.uk

Tutorful is a revolutionary site, with thousands of reviewed and top-rated tutors looking to transform your GCSE grades either face-to-face or online. With prices from £15 per hour, drop a tutor a message to see if they can help, or simply post a tutor request to let our education advisors match you to someone who matches your specific needs.


Website: www.mathedup.co.uk/

Want to get MathedUp? It almost makes doing maths revision sound cool. We're sure you'll feel confident about your number skills after just a few hours navigating through the videos and quizzes. The site incorporates revision and past papers, so you'll see the proof of all your hard work all in one handy place. The GCSE maths revision resources have been sorted by topic and include the new GCSE specification. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Clear menus and descriptions will make your study time so much easier! 

Daydream Education Revision Guides

Website: www.daydreameducation.co.uk

These are the perfect revision guide for pupils studying the Higher and Foundation Mathematics GCSE exam (grades 9-1). The books simplify difficult GCSE topics to improve understanding and confidence. The pocket-sized revision guides have been designed by expert mathematicians for the new specifications. The versatile books are the ideal learning aid for pupils, providing instant revision, classwork and homework support. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

They are the perfect alternative, or handy companion, to daunting larger text-heavy revision guides. 

Hegarty Maths

Website: www.hegartymaths.com

When school teacher Colin Hegarty started Hegarty Maths in 2011, he hoped his videos would be useful for our pupils to revise topics covered in class, useful for pupils who missed school and children who do not have access to home support. 7 years on, the platform is now one of the top go-to destinations for thousands of students across the country to learn core Mathematical concepts for GCSE.

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Signing up is super easy, and all the videos are totally free. 


Website: www.irevise.com/

Pick your exam board, find your topic, get revising! No time will be wasted on this intuitive platform, comprised of free expert lessons that will definitely jog your maths memory. With exam study tips, and a time management guide available on the site, they're on hand to make your GCSE journey a breeze. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Clearly defined exam boards mean you'll not be learning any unnecessary information for your exam. 

Exam Solutions

Website: www.examsolutions.net

Maths Made Easy is their tagline, and although you'll not master the art of numeracy in a matter of minutes, you'll certainly find everything you're looking to master. From algebra help, to probability and statistics, there's enough in-depth videos to keep you occupied for hours, and on track to ace your Maths GCSEs. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Stuart Sidders puts the content together alone, and only relies on donations for all the great revision content... you go Stu! 

Maths Genie

Website: www.mathsgenie.co.uk

Find your predicted grade boundary from the new 1-9 specification, study all the core concepts, complete past papers and find solutions to all your answers all in one place. The website is super easy to navigate, and many of the revision videos are paired with corresponding revision notes for you to print if you're more of a hands on learner. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

On the homepage you'll find all upcoming GCSE Maths exams so you know exactly how long you have to fit your revision in. 

Revision App

Access expert standard GCSE Maths videos on your home computer, tablet and mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

The GCSE Video Lessons are an instant and effective way to learn topics you may not have fully understood in school, or struggled to get to grips with.

Website: www.revisionapp.co.uk

Tutorful Favourite Feature

A staggering 70% of members on the platform achieve an A* or A grade!

GCSE Maths Past Papers

Website: www.gcsemathspastpapers.com

Sign up and find free past papers for GCSE and IGCSE Maths and Science. You can also buy detailed and easy-to-understand model answers for each and every question. In fact, it has model answers have been proven to be one of the best ways to prepare for Maths GCSE exams! 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Each model answers is supported by highest quality teaching.


Website: www.brainscape.com

The experts at Brainscape are committed to improving how we learn, using the latest cognitive science research. These online flashcards are incredibly adaptive to help you learn faster using spaced repetition. Create your own or simply search for your topic to find other creative cards. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Once you've searched for your topic, all the cards will be ranked by quality - saving you time revising, leaving you more precious minutes to chill! 

MathPapa Algebra Calc

Website: www.mathpapa.com/algebra-calculator

Algebra Calculator gives step-by-step help on algebra problems and is especially handy when trawling through past papers. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

A thorough algebra calculator tutorial is available on the site, so you can get started right away. 


Website: www.cram.com

There are 195,866,000 flashcards on cram.com, so you're almost guaranteed to find hundreds of sets of cards for every GCSE maths revision topic. The star rating system allows you to rate the sets of flashcards that have been created. This feature is ideal for helping you decide which to add to your revision calendar, and which sets of cards may not be as productive for you. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Cram has intuitive apps too, so you can find other mobile flashcards for your Android, iPhone or Windows device, allowing you to take your flashcards with you on your travels.

Expert Maths Advice 

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Just Maths

Website: www.justmaths.co.uk/

JustMaths was built upon the admirable passion of three hard-working teachers sharing a genuine belief in the power of collaboration and best practices. ‘JustMaths Crossover’ is a support package for students and teachers alike no matter what tier of entry. 

With an Annual Subscription, you'll receive two logins that give student access to detailed tutorials and accompanying worksheets and teachers access to detailed tutorials, worksheets, exam questions and solutions, teacher resources for each topic and the awesome extras tab. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The perfect platform for teachers and students alike!

Best Revision and Study Apps

GCSE Maths 

Download: Apple, Android

The most comprehensive GSCE Maths statistics app there is, with hundreds of questions and notes to revise the syllabus covered by all exams boards including OCR, EDEXCEL, AQA, WJEC and CCEA. Browse high quality content written by an experienced Mathematician, revise by topic and take a mock test with mixed questions from all topics. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The unique progress tracking feature lets you know when you are ready to take on the real test at the board when your progress meter says 100%.

Key Cards

Download: Apple, Android

Key Cards step in at that critical time of the year when you've been taught all there is to know, but of course, you've forgotten the vast majority. An absolute bargain for the sheer quantity of quality information you'll have at the edge of your fingertips. The flash cards combine AQA, Edexcel and OCR specifications, at both higher and foundation levels. The app was developed in consultation with an experienced secondary maths teacher, so it really is an app you can rely on. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

There are over 300 cards on the app to keep you busy!


Download: Apple, Android

A beautifully designed app, tailored to your exact learning needs. Bright colours will keep your mind stimulated for longer periods of study, and help you avoid dreaded revsion boredom. Learn quickly from over 70 topics, thanks to the clear and simple explanations and practice with various interactive calculators which you'll find in some subjects. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

You'll quickly find the topics that matter most to you thanks to iMathematics advanced search algorithm.

SimpleMind+ Mind Mapping

Download: Apple, Android

When stacks of notes on your desk begin to pile up, and everything seems to be getting on top of you during revision time, mind-mapping is a simple and effective tool to break down everything you have left to learn into digestible chunks. Gone are the days of wasted paper and illegible scribbles, this app should be your new go-to mind mapping tool. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

There's a practically unlimited page size and number of elements you can add to each mind-map.


Download: Apple

Cramit Maths GCSE perfectly replicates GCSE style questions in the exact same format you will encounter in your exams. All of the questions on the app are organised by topic, so you can become really well acquainted with the particular wording used for each type of question. Answers are overlaid onto the question page at the touch of a button, providing clear, concise, step-by-step solutions. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

You don't need to be connected to wifi to use the app, you can revise your maths anytime, anywhere, on your mobile.

Real Calc

Download: Android

Not one for the exam hall, but for every moment in between, RealCalc Scientific Calculator is Android's most popular scientific calculator. You'll find all the standard scientific functions as well as history, memories and unit conversions. You can choose from a number of display styles and formats. It also supports binary, octal and hexadecimal calculations and has an optional RPN mode. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

RealCalc is super easy to use, but if you're struggling with anything, there is full help included in the app.

Best Study and Exam Tools

Helix Stationary 

We tried and tested popular stationary (protractors, compasses and so forth) in an endeavour to find the most accurate, reliable and time-testing tools, and Helix came out on top. Their protractors, rulers and other necessary Maths GSCE equipment are cheap and cheerful and you can buy them just about everywhere. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature 

Sure to last you a lifetime! 

Casio FX-83GTPLUS Scientific Calculator

A classic scientific calculator, without any unnecessary bells and whistles, just the functions you need to revise efficiently and undertake exams to the best of your ability. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Thousands of positive online reviews from students speak for themselves! 


web2.0calc.com is one to bookmark whilst revising at school or in the library. The online calculator provides basic and advanced mathematical functions useful for school or college. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

You can operate the calculator directly from your keyboard, as well as using the buttons with your mouse!

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