5th October, 2016

Top Yorkshire Book Shops for Children

By Rachael S

Sheffield - Rhyme and Reason

We had to start in Sheffield... we love Rhyme and Reason because it's how all good bookshops should be... crammed with books! It is a magical little shop, located next to Endcliffe Park, so a great place to pick up a book for some afternoon reading in the sun.

Rhyme and Reason - Sheffield
Huddersfield - Children's Bookshop

What a fantastic place to inspire young readers! The shop has regular visitors from authors and illustrators and is a wonderful place to help your child find a new book. With tens of thousands of titles on the shelves, the beautiful shop has staff who are passionate about reading and will happily recommend the best new releases which will engage your child.

We're sure that it's a place you will visit time and again with your child!

Children's Bookshop - Huddersfield
Leeds - The Idle Hour

This is a fantastic bookshop for young readers. What particularly caught our eye was the under-16 book which groups, which are a brilliant initiative! With regular story-telling time for little ones, this is wonderful place to inspire children to read.

Matlock - Scarthin Books


David (a Yorkshireman), at Scarthin Books, is passionate about engaging young people in reading. The outreach work the bookshop undertakes in inviting children to write book reviews, or to come in and meet local authors, is exactly why shops like this can be a focal point of the community. This is a wonderful place to take your child if you are based in or near Matlock, which we know is not in Yorkshire, but we love the shop so much it's sneaked in here!

If you would like to suggest other bookshops in the area, please comment below and we will happily feature them if we think they're worthy of a shout out!

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