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This Year, You Need to Start the Back to School Prep Early

This Year, You Need to Start the Back to School Prep Early

The media is already sending parents into a panic by warning us of school uniform shortages, and Clarks are so busy you’d be hard pressed to get a fitting unless you’ve booked online.

It may only be early August, but if you start preparing now for Back to School, you may just save yourself a lot of stress and hassle.

Prepare Now to Avoid Supermarket Mayhem!

The new school year starts on the 1st of September, which means that there will likely be a mad scramble to buy supplies on the last weekend of the month.

Our advice is to buy what you can as soon as you can - because the end of August is going to be chaotic. No one wants the stress of driving between supermarkets all day and struggling to find anything in your child’s size. Do it now, and thank us later.

Speaking of short supply…

If your child struggled at school last year, a tutor might be the key to helping them regain confidence and achieve better grades. No one wants to watch their child get stressed out because they’ve fallen behind and don’t know how to catch up.

We have experienced tutors in every academic subject you can think of, and it’s definitely better to get ahead than catch up. We can help your child understand key principles, which will greatly boost their confidence in their chosen subject.

However, September is our busiest time of year! This means that parents are already flocking to the site to find their perfect tutor, so many will soon be fully booked. We truly believe that every single one of our tutors are brilliant, however if you are looking for something specific, for instance a native German tutor or a local maths tutor with a DBS check and qualified teacher status, secure them now to avoid disappointment!

Kirstan N

Kirstan N

4th Aug 2022