15th August, 2019

The Ultimate University Checklist: Here’s What you Should be Taking

By Adam B

University is on the horizon, and you probably have one foot out the door already. Freshers’ Week can’t come quick enough!

All this excitement is great, but it does mean that you might end up forgetting to take key belongings with you.

We put together this ultimate university checklist so that you don’t have to have a mad dash around the shops on the day you move in. (And yes, I’m speaking from experience…)

Every single thing you need to take is on this list, from cutlery to cacti, so that you can be the most prepared student in your halls.


Cutlery — You don’t want to be shovelling spag bol into your mouth using your hands.

Plates and bowls — Your flatmates probably won’t appreciate you eating directly off the table.

Knives — Sharp knives might seem dangerous, but they’ll make cooking a whole lot easier.

Pots and pans — You need to cook, right?

Baking tray — No seriously. You need to cook.

Glasses — Something nice to drink out of, though many students end up opting for mugs. Don’t ask why.

Mugs — Hot drinks keep you warm without paying for heating. Now that’s some next-level thinking.

Chopping board — You don’t want to damage the work surface, unless you love not getting your deposit back.

Grater — Pretty much every student loves cheese.

Measuring jug — This might seem boring but it definitely helps you with cooking.

Tin opener — You’ll get through a lot of baked beans. This will help.

Corkscrew/bottle opener — For obvious reasons.

Tea towels — To dry stuff. Also draping one over your shoulder makes it look like you know what you’re doing.

Tupperware — Cooking in bulk is easier and cheaper. You’ll need somewhere to store it all.

Recipe books — Much better than making it up on your own.

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 Washing-up liquid — Everyone else will forget this. You’ll be a hero.


Kettle — Most halls will provide this, but make sure before you go. Unless you want one for your room and you’re the antisocial type.

Toaster — Again, your halls will probably have one.

Coffee machine — If you have a much more refined coffee palette. But be prepared for your flatmates to use it too.

Pizza cutter — Students eat a lot of pizza. This will make your life easier.

Egg poacher — Nobody really knows how to poach an egg properly (probably). So use a tool to help you.

Avocado peeler — Possibly the best purchase you’ll ever make. Possibly.


Bedding — You need somewhere to sleep, might as well make it comfortable.

Speakers — For listening to music while you work, and for drowning out annoying flatmates.

Books — Reading is a good, fun way to pass all the free time you’ll have. Plus they make you look smarter.

Posters — Fun Fact: 1 in 2 students have a Pulp Fiction poster on their wall.

Photos — Admit it, you’ll miss home a little. Some photos of loved ones will make you feel a little less homesick.


TV — Great way to pass the time, but be prepared to have your flatmates treat your room as a communal space.

Games console — For fitting in some Fortnite between lectures.

Mini fridge — Easy access to cold drinks? It’s a no-brainer.

Door stop — Only weird students with something to hide keep their bedroom doors closed.

Plants — They look nice, and they provide you with some well-needed fresh air.


Pens / pencils — You’ll be doing a LOT of writing.

Highlighters — Useful for revision, or at least looking like you’re doing lots of revision.

Laptop — For university assignments and Netflix. But mainly for Netflix, let’s face it.

Notepads — Only crazy people and prisoners write on walls.

Folders / files — So you don’t end up drowning in paper.

Hole punch — Why don’t they just make pre-holed paper?

Diary / organiser — A good way to know where you should be at any given time. Or a place for soppy diary entries about your crush.


Textbooks — Your uni will provide you with a reading list. Be prepared to put 80% of your budget towards these.

Post-it notes — Useful for leaving yourself reminders, passive-aggressive notes to flatmates, or even fancy dress (yes that happened).


Toothbrush — Unless you prefer to use your finger.

Toothpaste — For a bright smile when you have your 9am lecture on Monday.

Shower gel — Don’t be that awful flat mate that never showers.

Shampoo / conditioner — Look after your hair, even when uni stress threatens to make it fall out.

Razors / shaver — Unless you’re going for the hobo beard look. You do you.

Towels — Bring more than one, otherwise it’ll end up making you dirtier.

Toilet roll — Get your parents to buy the nice luxury brands and make it last as long as possible. Trust us, you won’t like the cheap stuff.


Shower speakers — The night out starts in the shower, everyone knows that.

Scented candles — You know, for the atmosphere.

Back scrubber — For those hard to reach places.


Casual / comfortable — For day-to-day lounging round. Students do a lot of that.

Night-out clothing — For nights out and partying. Students do a lot of that.

Coats / jackets — To wear when it’s cold, both outside and inside.

Sports gear — For when you convince yourself to go running and stop after a week.

Jumpers — Nothing like relaxing with a hot drink and a snuggly jumper.

Hat / gloves / scarf — You’ll thank us later.

Drying rack — No need to spend money on drying your laundry.

Washing tablets / detergent — Wash your clothes. Be an adult.


Suit / nice dress — You might get an interview, and you’ll need it for the end-of-year ball.

Fancy dress — Love dressing up? You’re in luck. Hate dressing up? Get used to it.

Sunglasses — You never know.


Bleach — The go-to cleaning fluid.

Sponge — You don’t want to scrub with your hands.

Toilet cleaner — Makes an awful job slightly less awful.

Surface cleaner — Keep your kitchen worktops clean AND undamaged.

Toilet brush — It’s either that or you’re sticking your hand down there. Your choice.


Rubber gloves — You won’t get bleach on your hands, and you’ll definitely look the part.

Bin bags — These run out quicker than you think.

Feather duster — Good for cleaning cobwebs. Great for tickling flatmates.

Pipe cleaner — Unclog your pipes, avoid flooding. Win-win.

Tea / coffee — You’ll get through a lot of this. Stock up now while your parents are paying.

Alcohol — If you drink, get ready to drink a lot. If you don’t, congratulations you’ve made the best possible choice.

Ear plugs — For when you want an actual night’s sleep.

Medicine / painkillers — This is really important. Don’t forget this.

Deodorant — No time for a shower? Good old deo has your back.

ID — Expect to be ID’d a lot.

Important documents — Chances are these will never be used, but best to have them anyway.

Check It Twice

We’ve made a list, now go and check it twice. Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important.

We also recommend doing a food shop before you go. For starters, you aren’t going to find the time during the hectic Freshers’ Week. Plus, it means your parents will pay.

Have fun!

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