18th July, 2019

The Top 10 Fun Educational Activities to Keep your Kids Busy this Summer

By Joe D

Summer’s here, filling kids with joy and parents with despair.

If you’re currently panicking about how you can possibly keep your kids out of trouble for the next six weeks or so, then you can stop worrying — we’ve got you covered!

The Summer holidays are a great time for your kids to take some time off, have some fun, and rest before they’re marched back to school.

But it’s still important for your kids to continue learning so that they don’t fall behind.

Fortunately, learning can be fun too.

Even better, it can keep your kids busy while you put your feet up and get some well-deserved rest.

Here are our top 10 picks for fun educational activities that are certain to keep your kids busy over the Summer holidays…

1 — Take a trip to the museum

summer activities for kids boy in museum

Museums are a great source of learning and fun!

There are plenty of museums across the UK, covering a wide variety of topics. You’re bound to find one to suit your kids.

From your child’s point of view, the hands-on museums will probably be more enjoyable. These immerse your child in the topic, meaning they’ll have more fun. They’ll also learn more as a result.

If you’re watching the pennies this Summer, then there are plenty of free museums out there, most of which will happily accept a small donation.

Here’s a great list of free museums near you.

2 — Get active

It’s important that your kids get enough exercise. In a world full of smartphones, tablets, and television, it isn’t always easy to usher your child outside.

With a bit of encouragement, however, we’re sure your child would enjoy the fresh air.

Why not make it more exciting by trying out a new sport?

Local sports centres and gyms are always trying to get more kids playing sport, and many offer fun classes and taster sessions. These are a great way of providing your kids with the fresh air and exercise they need.

And who knows, maybe they’ll find a new passion?

This site has a great list of ideas to get you started.

3 — Send them to Summer Camp

summer activities for kids round campfire

A mainstay of US summer vacation, summer camps have surged in popularity in the UK over the last couple of years.

There’s now a wide range of camps that you can send your kids to. These camps are located across the country so your child doesn’t have to travel too far. (Unless that’s exactly what you’re hoping for!)

Summer camps introduce your child to new places, let them try new activities, and help them make friends for life.

A lot of kids who go to summer camp love it so much they return year after year!

Check out our list of summer camps, as recommended by fellow parents.

4 — Try a musical instrument

The thought of your child learning a musical instrument might be more of a nightmare. Let’s face it, those first few weeks are going to sound awful!

But stick through the initial ear-splitting and you’ll realise that learning an instrument is one of the best things your child can do.

It encourages creativity, builds self-confidence, and provides them with a passion that lasts the rest of their life.

Maybe they’ll even become a top musician?

If you want your child to be the next musical maestro, you can find a tutor near you!

5 — Volunteer your time

summer activities for kids hands in a circle

If your kids have too much spare time over the Summer, why not encourage them to donate some to a worthy cause?

A lot of charities and organizations are always in need of some extra pairs of hands, and a lot of them will be more than happy to welcome you and your kids.

Volunteering can teach your kids extra skills that they’re unlikely to learn anywhere else. They’ll also meet people from different walks of life, and learn the importance of compassion.

It’s a great opportunity to keep your kids busy and give something back to your local community.

The BBC has a list of some family-friendly volunteering opportunities.

6 — Be one with nature

Summer generally provides the UK with its one week of nice weather, and so you might as well make the most of it.

The UK is full of little pockets of nature, ranging from sprawling National Parks to tiny urban gardens. No matter where you are, nature isn’t far away.

So why not go for a long hike, or a bike ride, and get your kids to engage with the natural world. Do some research before you go and turn it into a learning opportunity. There’s a whole new world out there for you and your kids to explore!

The Ramblers have a website that will show you some of the best walks near you.

7 — Ready, steady, cook

summer activities for kids girl with eggs

Cooking is a vital skill. Most people end up diving in at the deep end when they first leave home, surviving off beans on toast or spaghetti bolognese.

The Summer holidays are a great opportunity for your kids to get a head start. You could encourage them to cook dinner one evening a week, with parental supervision of course!

They’ll learn to cook, and they’ll have fun doing it. They might even have an added appreciation for their poor parents.

Good Food have some great recipes for you and your kids to try.

8 — Learn a language

We live in an increasingly connected world, and so learning other languages is more important than ever.

Not only does learning a language provide your kids with a useful skill, it also helps them understand other cultures. It may even help them with employment in the future.

If your child doesn’t seem particularly interested, you could even learn alongside them. This gives them somebody to practice with, and it means you gain a new skill as well!

Whether it’s French, German, or Japanese, you can find a tutor for it at Tutorful.

9 — Write a story

The school curriculum often focuses more on logical learning than creativity. But creativity is becoming increasingly important in the workplace, helping with problem-solving and innovation.

Why not get those creative juices flowing by having your kids write a story?

You could find a writing prompt, and then give them a certain time limit to write it. They can then share their work with you. It doesn’t even need to be a story. It could be a poem, a drawing, or even a comic book!

Kids will love getting stuck into a creative project, and will have a lot of fun sharing their ideas.

Here are some great writing prompts for your kids to explore.

10 — Let them decide

Not every activity needs to be overly educational. The Summer holidays are also a time for rest and relaxation.

However, there is a clever way to combine fun activities with learning: Get your child to plan your day.

You can give them a budget, time frame, and maximum distance to travel. Your child can then find an activity that they’ll enjoy and will also meet the requirements.

This approach teaches your child some real-world skills like financial planning, organization, and decision-making. It also allows you to put your feet up!

I’m sure your child has plenty of ideas already, but if they’re a little stuck there are some great ideas here.

Have a fun-filled Summer!

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas.

The Summer holidays are a great chance for you to enjoy time with your kids, whilst also providing them with educational experiences.

Next time you hear the dreaded words — “I’m booooored!” — you’ll be prepared!

Have a great Summer!