7th December, 2021

The Rise of The Ukulele

By Kirstan N

Recorders were an integral part of many of our primary-school days. There was nothing better than standing shoulder to shoulder with your fellow recorder players and blasting out ‘Three Blind Mice’ during your school assembly. However, new research shows that the recorder is soon to be eclipsed by the humble ukulele.

The popularity of the ukulele has risen in recent years, with a survey of music teachers revealing that 15% of students played the ukulele in 2020, compared to just 1% in 2014.

Learning the Ukulele

The same survey also showed that 64% of children who play an instrument use some form of digital learning resource, such as YouTube and online courses. Many people don't consider online 1:1 tuition when learning a new instrument, however we pride ourselves on being able to connect learners with the best tutors from all across the country.

So, if you have a ukulele that's sitting gathering dust (or any instrument for that matter) you should really check out our talented music tutors and see if they can reignite some of that passion. 

How Similar is the Ukulele to a Guitar?

You might be surprised to hear that a ukulele is much easier to learn than the guitar. This is because guitar strings are usually plated in nickel, however ukulele strings are made out of nylon, making them much easier to press down.

A ukulele is a great instrument for budding musicians. It has a reputation of being easy to learn and is very welcoming to young children with smaller fingers. Plus, a lot of the skills you learn can be easily transferred to the guitar.

Are Guitar and Ukulele Chords the Same?

The ukulele also has two less strings than a guitar, which means that the chords in general are less complex. A chord that might require three fingers pressed on three frets on the guitar may only require one on the ukulele.

This means that the ukulele is much easier to play, but any chords you learn are not easily transferable to the guitar. This is partly because the ukulele’s strings are laid out G-C-E-A while strings on a guitar are ordered E-A-D-G-B-E.

Should I Buy a Ukulele?

If you’ve never tried to learn an instrument before, the ukulele is a great place to start. They’re pretty cheap to buy compared to most other instruments, and as previously mentioned, they’re a great beginner instrument.

They’re great to pull out at parties and your friends will be easily impressed if you’ve mastered a song or two. If you want to take it more seriously and are determined to tackle this instrument, just remember that our tutors are always on hand to help!

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