24th November, 2021

Online Tutoring Isn't Quick Cash

By Kirstan N

We see so many articles all across the internet that are full of ways to earn money online. These were extremely prolific during lockdown, with “8 Ways to Earn Quick Money From Home” being a common sight across our social media feeds. Often we would even get a mention, sometimes a link.

And whilst usually we love any kind of press or exposure, these have never been the kinds of articles we want to be tagged in.

The truth is, tutoring isn’t a way to earn quick cash - especially not here at Tutorful. To put it into perspective, only 1 in 7 of our applicants make it through the process - we definitely don’t accept just anyone!

Quality Over Quantity

With all the applications we have, if we weren’t as vigilant at ensuring that people have the right skills to be an online tutor, we would be on our way to 100,000 tutors by now!

If we did that, we could definitely brag about being the online tutoring company with the most tutors on our books, however that wouldn’t be fair to our students. And, if we accepted just anyone, would we even be able to use the word ‘tutors’?

We truly care about the quality of teaching that we provide, which is why we only work with people who have the relevant qualifications to teach their subject, who are dedicated, trustworthy, and passionate about tutoring, as well as experienced in teaching online.

No - Anyone Can’t Do It

The articles that we see often have bold lines in them that claim “anyone can become an online tutor - all you need is a laptop and an internet connection”.

Let us stop you right there.

There is so much more to becoming a tutor. If you’re teaching a core subject, you need to have a grasp on the curriculum of your subject for a start, and have knowledge of the areas that children often struggle with. You need to be confident in your skills, whether that is your aptitude for maths, or your flair for the violin, and be able to deliver structured lessons. You need to know how to begin teaching someone new at every possible level, so this means knowing how to assess their current level of skill and being able to tailor your lessons to help them progress.

Now You Know

Now that we’ve explained exactly what we look for in a tutor, hopefully your mind is put at ease that with Tutorful, you’re paying for a qualified, experienced professional.

And whilst we don’t accept just anyone, we do have over 11,000 awesome tutors on our website. So, if you need a bit of help narrowing down your options and ensuring you choose the perfect tutor, we have you covered! Luckily, we wrote a whole article on it

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