6th September, 2018

Mumsnet Feedback Highlights 2018

By Dom G

Tutorful. August 2018. 44 Mumsnet testers. 89% would recommend. 84% would use again.

"Fantastic tutor...very friendly"

"The tutor was fantastic, she was very accommodating, especially as our lesson was booked for 6pm and she changed it for 6.30pm with little notice when I got stuck in traffic coming home. I found her to be very friendly, she really wanted to interact with my daughter and encourage her to take part in the lesson. She also accommodated my daughter's demands for games!"

"Easy to use...Clear and to the point!"

"I really liked the service; it was easy to use and made me feel more confident in finding someone who has the ability, skill and is more likely to be trustworthy. The booking process was easy, I replied to the response and we arranged the lesson.

The tutor was actually one of the first to reply and the nearest in the locality. Her response was clear and to the point and she was cheaper than the others which was a bonus."

"CRB checked...Highly recommend!"

"My son was desperate to learn guitar (he is only 6) and I bought it would be good to try it out before committing to lots is lessons. We checked for a local tutor on Tutorful and found quite a few. The tutor we chose had worked with young children a lot before and gave us plenty of advice on lessons for young children beforehand. He was easy to contact and quick to respond.

My sonโ€™s first lesson was great - the tutor was very patient with him and he really enjoyed it even though his new guitar is a bit big for him. He was exhausted by the end of the lesson but asking straight away when his next lesson was!

The tutor gave us some optional homework to practice at home. He was very patient and spoke to my son in a way he could clearly understand but also made him feel very grown up! Our tutor was also listed as CRB checked which is always good to know. I would definitely recommend using Tutorful for finding local tutors and I would look here in the future if I needed to find anyone else locally.

Lessons were reasonably priced and the website is secure so easier than taking cash to lessons. Highly recommended!"

"Exceeded my expectations...Captured my son's enthusiasm"

"Tutor exceeded my expectations, my son was really hesitant about a tutor, however after the first lesson he hasnโ€™t stopped talking about him! He really engaged my son, with the information I gave him before the lesson on my son's strengths and areas of interest he planned a great first lesson, which captured my son's imagination and enthusiasm more than I have never seen before.

Every day since the lesson, my son has been voluntarily working on his story he is writing and talking positively about it!"

Remember, you can read reviews of your prospective tutor from other students and parents before you book a session, so whether you're looking for A-Level Spanish conversation or beginners guitar lessons โ€“ and whether you prefer to learn in person or online โ€“ with thousands of tutors across more than 300 subjects, you're sure to find the right fit. What are you waiting for?

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