7th October, 2016

More Male Teachers Required!

By Adam B

We're supporting calls for more male teachers to enter the profession.

We would like to add our support to calls from educational charity, Teach First, for more men to enter the teaching profession.

This follows Department for Education statistics showing that just 26% of teachers in England are men - accounting for 38% of secondary and 15% of primary school teachers.

"It is a real loss that the profession is missing out on talented classroom leaders because a huge pool of people are being put off by misconceptions about teaching,' said Brett Wigdortz, founder and chief executive of Teach First.

"Young people need role models from all backgrounds to unlock their potential and aspiration, and to help them understand the world.

"Teaching is a hugely rewarding job, where you not only make a real difference to the lives of young people who need it most but also boost your own skills and development."

A Department for Education spokeswoman said: "We welcome this drive from Teach First to encourage more men into a career in teaching.

"Our priority is getting the brightest and the best teachers into our classrooms, including male staff at all levels.

"That is why we are spending millions of pounds on recruiting high-quality teachers.

"We can be proud of the fact that teaching is an increasingly popular profession, with more young men and women embracing the opportunity to inspire and shape the lives of the next generation."

Calls for more male teachers are much needed, as the profession still lacks the equality in staffing which would further promote boys' engagement in learning.

As a former primary school teacher (and a continuing male), I can testify to the joy teaching can bring in the connections you can forge with children.

Whilst I can only comment from my own personal perspective, and it is difficult to compare this with the experiences of female teachers, I always felt that the boys in my classes were excited to have a male teacher. This was something I felt more keenly whilst teaching younger pupils, who had previously largely been surrounded by female teachers.

The importance of good role models is vital for children of all ages and the impact role models can have must to some extent hinge on the similarities between pupils and those they look up to. Having a diverse teaching population can only help in building the aspirations of all children.

At Tutorful we fully support calls for recruiting teachers who can further build children's aspirations and recruiting more males into the profession is something we would fully back.

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