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Is Tutoring Worth It? The Pros and Cons of Tutoring

Is Tutoring Worth It? The Pros and Cons of Tutoring

Private tutoring can help to boost your child’s confidence, guide them to better exam results and give them the one-on-one time that they lack at school. But it does cost money. So, is tutoring worth it?

Here, we’ll break down the pros and cons of tutoring and help you to understand whether a private tutor is worth it for your child (hint: if you’re asking the question, it probably is!).

Are tutors worth it?

Umming and ahhing about whether to invest in a tutor for your child? Here are the main pros and cons of tutoring to help you decide. 

What are the pros of tutoring?

The benefits of tutoring are almost endless. Key advantages include…

  • Individual attention. A tutor will give your child one-on-one attention and explain key concepts in a way that clicks for them.

  • Boost confidence. Tutors are like a cross between a teacher and a mentor. They can act as your child’s personal cheerleader to help them gain confidence and motivation.

  • Tailored sessions. A tutor will tailor lessons to your child’s strengths, weaknesses and goals, using methods that suit their learning style.

  • Flexible. Online tutoring makes it easy to fit learning around your family’s busy life. You can say goodbye to travel time and let your child learn in an environment where they feel comfortable.

  • Expertise. When you hire a tutor, you know you’re hiring someone with extensive expertise in their subject. Many tutors are also qualified teachers and examiners.

  • Choice. You can’t choose your child’s school teacher. But you can choose a tutor who matches your criteria exactly – someone who you know your child is going to click with.

  • Better grades. The bespoke nature of tutoring is a great way to help your child gain better grades. In fact, 90% of Tutorful students improve by at least one grade.

  • Go beyond the curriculum. A tutor can help your child to grow outside the curriculum – whether that’s pushing them further in their favourite subject or teaching them new skills that aren’t covered at school.

“Having been told by our child’s teacher that she lacked confidence in Maths we have used the platform to find a solution.

“Our tutor has transformed Faith's confidence and she enjoys her weekly maths lesson. This has shown in her test scores and enthusiasm in the classroom.”

- Danielle Conyers, Parent

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What are the downsides of tutoring?

As you can see, tutoring is beneficial in so many ways. But what are the disadvantages of tutors? There must be some… right?

Well, we’re slightly scraping the barrel here. But these are the downsides.

  • Cost. Private tutors don’t come free, which means they might not be accessible to everyone. That said, tutors are available at a range of price points to suit various budgets.

  • Time commitment. Tutoring means finding time to dedicate to learning in your already busy family life. That’s why at Tutorful, you can learn between 7am and 10pm, even on weekends – to fit learning around your schedule!

  • Resistance. Some children are reluctant to get the help of a private tutor at first. But once your child finds a tutor they click with and their confidence improves, this should change.

“When my mum suggested an online tutor I wasn't very keen as I thought I would find it hard to learn online. But she persuaded me to try it and I am glad she did.

“My tutors are really good. If I can't understand something they don't carry on, I can let them know and they go back and explain it until I get it. I also like all my tutors, they are friendly and really interesting. Some are teachers and I like hearing about their schools too.”

- Edward, GCSE Maths and Science student

Is private tutoring worth it for my child?

No two children are the same. So, how do you know whether your child needs a tutor?

Well, it all depends on what goals you and your child have – and whether a tutor can help you reach them. Luckily, we have tutors who cover every subject and skill you can think of, so there’s bound to be someone who can help.

Here are a few things to look out for that indicate your child could do with a tutor.

1. Your child is struggling with a subject

Is your child struggling with a subject and you’re not sure how to help?

Our online tutors are experts in their subject area and in making the most difficult subjects seem easier. They will tailor the help they give to the needs of your child to make things click and help your child to start enjoying their least favourite subjects!

2. Your child isn’t getting the support they need at school

School can be really overwhelming for a lot of children. There are lots of subjects and lots to remember. 

If your child is struggling with coursework or homework, then a private tutor will benefit them by providing them with personalised support that will help improve their grades and school experience.

3. You’d like to guide your child to better exam results

Exams aren’t just about understanding and knowledge of a subject. There is also the strategy involved in answering questions to score the highest points. 

A private tutor will take the time to understand which areas your child needs to work on, and give them the dedicated support they need to improve. 90% of Tutorful students improve by at least one grade!

Teenager engages in private tutoring

4. You want to prepare your child for entrance exams

Hoping to get your child into a grammar or private school? A tutor can help to prepare them for those 11+ or entrance exams, to give them the best possible chance.

Whether it’s practice questions, interview prep or help wrapping their head around verbal reasoning, a private tutor will have the experience needed to get your child ready.

5. Your child lacks confidence

If your child is low in confidence, experiencing exam fear or putting themselves under too much pressure, you don’t have to worry about them alone.

A tutor will act as your child’s personal mentor and cheerleader, improving their confidence with every session so that they’re walking into their lessons or exams feeling happy and positive.

6. Your child isn’t being stretched

Are you finding that your child isn’t being stretched enough at school? Or that gaps in the curriculum are preventing your child from reaching their full potential?

Tutors are experts in their subjects and can push your child to reach new heights – whether it’s encouraging them to think more critically, exposing them to advanced material or teaching them a whole new subject that they can’t learn at school. The sky’s the limit!

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Are private tutors worth the money?

Of course, private tutoring comes at a financial cost. But improved confidence and grades can be priceless!

Exactly how much a private tutor costs will depend on a number of factors. These include:

  • Your tutor’s experience

  • Your subject

  • Your level of study

  • How many sessions your child needs

  • Your location

However, online private tutoring prices per hour are on average £37.50.

Head over to our dedicated guide about how much tutoring costs to learn more.

Given the benefits that private tutoring can unlock for your child, a tutor is well worth the money.

“A 1 hour session is in my opinion equivalent to what they learn in an entire week of normal school. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent, seeing my daughter start to enjoy maths is worth every penny.”

- Adam Ward, Parent

Find a private tutor to invest in your child’s future

Investing in a tutor means investing in your child’s future. So, it’s well worth it.

Ready to help your child reach their full potential?

Simply find a tutor your child clicks with today and start their learning journey.

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Does my child need a tutor?

A tutor can be beneficial to most children. But a few signs that your child could do with a tutor include:

  • They’re struggling in a subject

  • They’re low in confidence

  • Their passions aren’t being nurtured at school

  • They’re not being stretched enough

  • They’re preparing for exams

Are tutors actually helpful?

Yes! The right tutor can be hugely helpful for your child. They’ll tailor lessons to your child’s strengths and weaknesses and give them one-on-one attention that they won’t usually be able to get at school.

Many tutors are also qualified teachers and examiners. They’re experts with the experience and knowledge needed to help your child unlock their full potential.

Is tutoring once a week enough?

For most children, tutoring once a week is just right.

This allows them to learn consistently, and it gives children a chance to consolidate what they’ve learned at school that week with their tutor.

That said, exactly how often your child should be tutored depends on their own unique needs and circumstances, such as their:

  • Learning style

  • Goals

  • Timeline

For instance, if you’re enlisting a tutor to help your child with some last-minute exam prep, you might decide that squeezing a few sessions into one week is going to get the best results.

Your tutor will be able to help you decide how often to schedule sessions to your child reach their goals.

Is it a good idea to get a tutor?

Yes! If you feel like your child could do with some extra help or support outside of school, a tutor can be the perfect solution.

This way, your child will benefit from one-on-one time with an expert who can tailor sessions to their strengths, weaknesses and learning style – helping them to reach their goals.

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Imogen Beech

Imogen Beech

5th Jun 2024