19th March, 2021

Is it Time to Bin the Bagpipes?

By Kirstan N

From scrapbooking supplies, to bags of yarn from when you were dead set on learning how to crochet, and most likely an instrument or two - a spring clean often uncovers a variety of treasures that we forgot existed. Most of us are guilty of getting super excited to learn a new skill and then slowly fizzling it out after the novelty wears off. So, unless you have a spare room big enough to store all this unused equipment, a spring clean is the perfect time to make some tough decisions.

Clear Out or Commit?

If it’s been more than a year since you last indulged in one of your hobbies, you have three options: choose to call it a day and donate/sell the equipment, continue to let it gather dust in your attic, or give it one last shot.

If you decide to go for the latter option, a tutor might be just what you need to help reignite your motivation and set you on a path to success.

At Tutorful, we have thousands of tutors that specialise in a wide variety of subjects. If you’re hoping to turn your dejected hobby into an enjoyable new skill, you should check out some of the options we offer.


So, you spent £500 on a fancy camera with a big flash and an adjustable tripod, but all you’ve done so far is take photos of your dog. This is nothing to be ashamed of, however this is the sort of hobby that you need to commit to, otherwise you find yourself with nothing more than an expensive doorstop.

Photography is an art, and in order to take really good photos, you need to learn some of the theory. Our experienced photography tutors can help you understand the full capabilities of your equipment and guide you towards taking the perfect photo.


The ukulele. It’s not uncommon to know a load of people that own one, but zero who know how to actually play it. If you bought one on a whim thinking that you would be able to whip it out at parties and impress your friends - we can help you become that person.

We have a variety of tutors from beginner to advanced levels who’d love to help you brush the dust off your ukulele.


One of the most common new skills that people are eager to master is the guitar. However we often learn that it takes more time and dedication than we can spare, and so we quickly lose interest.

If you need some tips on how to execute an F chord without contorting your wrist, or could do with someone to help you get your head around strumming patterns, one of our experienced tutors could be just what you need.


Basic electronic knowledge is a great skill to have. It means you can purchase bargains from Facebook or eBay that need a bit of TLC in order to work. It means that rather than throwing out your TV because the picture keeps flickering, you have a chance at diagnosing the issue and replacing the correct wire.

If you’ve skipped the important step of learning a bit about electronics and have already started to hoard broken electrical items in your attic, an electronics tutor might be just what you need to help you harness this important new skill. Otherwise, it could be time to admit that you have no idea how to fix any of these things and they belong in a skip.


We know that not everyone has a set of bagpipes in their attic, but just in case you do, we brought a tutor on board. His name is Garry and he’s experienced in a wide variety of instruments.

Everything Else

In future, you can always check whether the new skill you want to learn is available on our site before you invest in it. You’re much more likely to succeed with your learning if you find a trusted and dedicated tutor to help you. Starting out prepared will ensure you’re less likely to throw in the towel after a few weeks, and will make your next spring clear out much easier.

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