27th May, 2020

How To Set Up Your Child's Desk For Home Learning

By Adam B

The transition from school to home learning is a challenging one. We’ve put together a handy infographic detailing some of the key components for setting up a perfect home learning environment for your child! 

A step by step parent's guide to creating your child's perfect workspace

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Have all their learning kit to hand

Make sure they have all the equipment they need, including stationery and books. At the end of the day, ensure everything gets put away in the same place

Have a healthy snack ready

Serve blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and other brightly coloured fruits and vegetables. Nuts and seeds are also recommended since they produce Vitamin E, an antioxidant which helps fuel brain cells

Hydration is key! A non-spill water bottle is essential

Water and electronics famously don't mix, don't take the chance of any spillages

Are they sitting comfortably?

Make sure the chair is at the correct height, with good back support! Make it comfortable with cushions as they will be sitting for a while

Create a learning playlist

Having playlists for every type of mood can set the tone for whatever they're learning. If music is too distracting, try some background white noise

Find topics you're interested in and immerse yourself

Is your child learning geography? Always fancied yourself as an explorer? Get involved and make it fun. Talk about your own travels and places you've been

Lots of natural light

Young brains are like plants, they need light and water to grow! Getting the light levels just right will improve concentration, reduce fatigue and give an energy boost

Set up parental controls

While your children are online, take steps to ensure their safety. Check what programs they are using, make sure controls and safe search filters are on

Have a timer or a clock handy

Some activities will be time-sensitive, having a timer nearby will ensure your child stays on schedule throughout their day. And of course, takes regular breaks

Dress for learning

To help get your children into the mindset normal school day mindset whilst at home, get them to wear their school jumpers 

The ultimate home learning station ready will help productivity and reduce stress levels

But remember homeschooling is NOT easy... Advice and help are out there, embrace the challenge, be flexible and mostly have fun!

Even when all children are able to return to school, having a space for learning at home will help with homework and out of school assignments. Keep this space available, as a parent, you could also use the space as and when you need as a home office!

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