17th December, 2021

How to Get Your Child to Revise Over Christmas

By Kate T

The countdown is now on, and children are looking forward to not just Christmas Day itself, but a couple of weeks off school.

However, for some age groups, the Christmas break means one thing - they should be revising for their January exams.

Knowing that you have two weeks off of school and that you are supposed to spend them revising and not playing with your new Christmas presents is tough, so we’ve put together a few quick tips to help you help your kids revise.

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Choose a Schedule

If you think your child is going to revise without any prompting whatsoever, you either have a very dedicated and organised child, or you’re a sincere optimist. More than likely, your child will spend the Christmas holiday hoping you forget that their exams are coming up and don’t force them to do any revision.

It’s better to be clear with them from the get-go what you expect in terms of revision. You can decide together whether they would prefer to do a bit of revision every day, or have some more intense sessions but have more days off. There’s no right or wrong answer - as long as your child is setting time aside for quality revision, they should be able to come up with a schedule that works for everyone.

Make it Worth it

Bribery isn’t always the best way forward when it comes to trying to teach your children good habits, however it’s the Christmas holidays! Whilst everyone else is enjoying time with family and a bit of extra time off work, it can be really hard on your child having the burden of upcoming exams.

Make sure that good work is balanced out with some worthwhile rewards - this could be anything from some time playing their new video games, a family activity of their choice, or even just a meal that they really enjoy.

If they see the Christmas holidays as one huge revision session with nothing to look forward to, chances are they’ll be wishing they were back at school!

Help Them Out

Christmas is family time, so why not spend some time with your child helping them revise? Just keeping them company whilst they revise might be enough to encourage them, however it’s even better if you can actively help them by reading through their notes with them and asking them questions.

If they’re studying for their science GCSE and you have zero idea what titration means or what happens when an atom loses an election, this is where we come in. Even just a few hours with one of our expert tutors can set your child on the path to a higher grade. 

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