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How to Get GCSEs as an Adult

How to Get GCSEs as an Adult

Nowadays, you can gain tons of career progression with only a handful of GCSEs. However, if you don’t have that handful, it can be hard to get on the ladder.

Many jobs require a minimum of a C (now a 4) in English and maths, and if you left school 20 years ago, it can feel like you’ve missed out on your chance. You’ll be glad to hear that’s not the case!

If you're already studying and need some expert help, get in touch with one of our tutors.

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There’s No Age Limit on Getting GCSEs

Whether you want to retake your GCSEs straight out of school, or you’ve waited a decade or two, the process is pretty much the same. The main change is the grading system, which can be confusing to someone who took their qualifications back when they were still called O-Levels.

What’s the New GCSE Grading System?

It may still feel new, however the letters began to change to numbers back in 2017. GCSE results now run from 9, which is slightly above an A*, down to 1 - the equivalent of a G.

Whilst the comparisons aren’t like-for-like, it is generally accepted that a 4 is the same as achieving a C at GCSE. Many businesses still stipulate that they require a C or above, but in the new system, a 4 or above is also acceptable.

How Do You Retake GCSEs as an Adult?

There are three main ways to retake your GCSEs, each suited to a different type of learner.

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Study at a Local College

If you have the time and money (or access to funding), you can study at a local college. This is a great option for those who learn better when sticking to a timetable of lessons and structured learning, but not so great for people who have work or family commitments.

Study Online

There are tons of online services to help you pass your GCSEs, however the most important thing to bear in mind is the curriculum. The last thing you want to do is study for a year to find out you were learning the wrong topics! Go to a trusted provider such as the Open Study College, where all course material will be provided, and you can sit your exams at one of their examination centres.

Study Your Own Way

If it hasn’t been too long since you sat your GCSE exams and you only just missed out on the grade you need, it might feel like overkill to do a full 12 months of intense studying before taking your exam again. It’s perfectly acceptable to just book private exams and then figure out the rest on your own.

This is a brilliant guide on exactly how to do this, and it even lists us as a trusted place to find a tutor, so is definitely worth checking out!

We have people of all ages studying with us to achieve their GCSEs.

Your journey can be so much easier with the help of an experienced tutor.

Kirstan N

Kirstan N

1st Aug 2022