25th March, 2020

How Online Tutoring Can Keep Your Child’s Studies on Track.

By Hannah C

Schools have closed, exams have been cancelled, and for the foreseeable future, your children will be at home. It is important to consider how your children will be educated and entertained over the coming weeks and Tutorful is here to help.

Parents and students can be assured that education does not need to stop. There are several ways that studies can continue, and the use of online tools can help learners carry on and work towards their goals.

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Why online tutoring is important at this time

Why learning online works

How online tuition works

How to get started with online tutoring

Why online tutoring is important at this time

Lots of students are worried about the next step in their education. Some are concerned about exam results, and others are thinking of ways to retain the information they’ve been learning since September. Whatever the case, online tutoring can help calm some of these fears. By continuing to learn, students can focus on their learning goals and keep working towards them, or distract themselves from anxiety by concentrating on a topic they find interesting.

For many students, this extended period of time away from school will take some getting used to. Having everyone around the house more often could lead to friction and very quickly to boredom. Learning online is a superb way to give both parents and students some structure to the day and creating a regular routine. By recreating a schedule that people can get used to, learning at certain times of the day can help pass the time, and have something to look forward to.

Learning from home does not have to be identical to learning at school. This is a unique opportunity to explore subjects and topics that aren’t covered by the curriculum but can still develop skills and knowledge. As many students adapt to using an online classroom for the first time, this new and different way of learning is a chance to open up the door to other types of learning at the same time.

Why learning online works

There are skeptics that say there is no substitution for face-to-face teaching. But tuition in an online classroom gives tutors the same opportunities to create a rapport with their students, impart their knowledge, and see their pupils make real progress.

Online lessons are able to engage a younger audience who are naturally adept at using technology. They allow tutors the chance to engage their students, of any age, with apps, games, videos and interactive online whiteboards. This added use of technology allows students to learn with different mediums, discovering which methods, resources, and styles work best for them.

With online tuition, you can connect with inspirational tutors from anywhere in the country. Tutorful welcomes the best and brightest tutors from across the UK and with online learning, you can connect with them all. Start your search today and you can find your perfect tutor, regardless of your postcode. Book an online lesson with a trusted and experienced tutor who is passionate and enthusiastic about teaching their subject.


How online tuition works

Our online classroom has been used for more than 100,000 lessons. Tutorful offers an easy-to-use platform, at no extra charge, for tutors and students to come together and deliver lessons in hundreds of different subjects.

Tutors and students log into the online classroom and are welcomed with an array of tools to help the lesson get started. Students can speak to their tutor in real-time by using the video and audio functions, encouraging the use of conversation, body language and hand gestures to build a relationship and get to know one another.

Tutors can use the live chat function to give clear instructions, and share additional resources and files through the document share function. Ensuring students fully understand the tasks of the lesson and have access to all the materials they need to succeed.

Both tutor and student can use the interactive whiteboard and a range of drawing tools to explain, work out and describe what they are talking about. From diagrams to highlighting, the two-way canvas allows for clarity during the lesson, and afterward as a downloadable pdf.

Simply pay as you learn. After each lesson a cashless and convenient payment is taken, allowing you to focus on learning rather than worrying about money.

How to get started with online tutoring

More than 6500 tutors are available to teach online with Tutorful. Join thousands of students who are having regular lessons in our digital classroom with trusted and experienced tutors.

Start your search by selecting the subject and level you’re looking to learn. You can see which tutors offer online tuition by keeping an eye out for this blue badge next to their profile.

Compare their profiles and message tutors free to find your perfect match. Find a time and day that suits you both and your tutor will book the lesson for you. You’ll be asked to confirm the booking but won’t pay a penny until after each session.

When it’s time for your lesson, join the online classroom and start learning straight away.

If you’re interested in learning more about the tools and functions of the online classroom, or have questions about how tutoring works in an online environment, we’re happy to help. You can read our most commonly asked questions about learning by visiting our FAQs here.

If you have any further questions about online lessons, and how they can help keep you or your child’s education on track, feel free to get in touch with our Customer Success team, who are always happy to help. You can get in touch by emailing support@tutorful.co.uk