16th July, 2019

How Much Does An SEN Tutor Cost?

By Hannah C

The average cost for an SEN tutor in the UK is £23.74, when you factor in location and the type of support needed. London is the most expensive area, with an average hourly rate of £32.22. Dundee is on the other end of the scale, with an average cost of £18.45.

What are the SEN tutor prices near me?

City Average Hourly Cost (£)
London £32.22
Oxford £29.93
Cambridge £27.21 
Nottingham £26.08 
Birmingham £25.25 
Leeds £25.20 
Southampton £25.07 
Chester £24.91 
Manchester  £24.08 
Lincoln £23.97 
Bristol £23.85 
Coventry £23.57 
Glasgow £23.56 
Sunderland £23.44 
Bradford £23.35 
Plymouth £22.91 
Newcastle £22.65 
Derby  £22.56
Leicester  £22.16 

The table above gives you an idea of the average cost of an SEN tutor for areas across the UK. The reason for the change in price is generally due to the affluence of each area, and the demand for SEN tutors.

How much does each type of SEN tutor cost?

The nature of SEN tutoring can vary depending on what needs your child has. Here’s a rough breakdown of average hourly rates for SEN tutors depending on the support required.

  • Autism — £23.35
  • Aspergers — £23.74
  • Dyslexia — £23.29
  • Dyspraxia — £23.99
  • Dyscalculia — £24.32

What factors affect the cost of an SEN tutor?

The cost of an SEN tutor depends on a variety of different factors. We’ve already covered the location of the tutor, and the type of special needs they support.

Two other main factors are how much experience a tutor has, and any accreditation or certifications they hold.

SEN tutors are a little different to subject-based tutors in that SEN requires a lot more experience. It goes without saying that the more experience a tutor has, the more support they’ll be able to provide for your child. That experience is generally reflected in the SEN tutor’s hourly rate.

When choosing a tutor, it’s also worth checking that their experience is with the exact needs your child has. While there are similarities between the needs, each requires its own approach.

Have you considered online SEN tutoring?

online sen tutoring

A lot of parents are starting to choose online SEN tutoring for their child, as opposed to in-person teaching.

One of the main reasons for this is that neither you or your tutor need to travel to lessons. For you, it means no fitting travel time into your schedule. For your tutor, it means no fuel costs. The lack of travel costs can often be reflected in the tutor’s hourly rate.

Another pro of online tutoring is that your child can be taught from the comfort of their own home, where they may be better focused and feel less nervous.

Online tutoring platforms like Tutorful have a range of features that improve your child’s learning experience. These include video chat, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard.

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