17th July, 2019

How Much Does An English Tutor Cost?

By Joe D

The average cost of an English tutor in the UK is £21.11, when you take location and level of study into account. The most expensive English tutors can be found in London, with an average cost of £26.82. The cheapest, with an hourly rate of £18.31, is Lincoln.

What are the English tutor prices near me?

City Average Hourly Cost (£)
London £26.82
Cambridge £26.36
Oxford £25.64 
Southampton £21.95 
Bristol £21.88 
Nottingham £21.84 
Edinburgh £21.47 
Chester £21.01 
Sunderland  £20.93 
Birmingham £20.80 
Leeds £20.72 
Glasgow £20.72 
York £20.64 
Portsmouth £20.64 
Manchester £20.51 
Derby £20.51 
Liverpool £20.49 
Coventry  £20.32
Plymouth  £20.25 
Peterborough £20.22 

The table above shows you how location can have a fairly big impact on the cost of an English tutor. This essentially boils down to the overall affluence of the area, and the supply and demand of English tutors.

How much is an English tutor for each level of learning?

Location can play a big part in how much an English tutor costs. Another major factor is the level of learning that your child is currently at.

A-Level English will generally cost more than GCSE English, and both of those will be more expensive than KS3. This is because higher levels of education require more knowledge to teach.

Here’s how prices of English tutors vary depending on the level of learning:

  • Primary — £20.85
  • KS3 — £21.03
  • GCSE — £20.86
  • IB — £21.23
  • A-Level — £21.60

What factors affect the cost of an English tutor?

The average hourly rates of English tutors depend on a range of factors. These include the ones we’ve already mentioned like location and level of learning, and also other factors like tutor experience and certifications.

If a tutor is educated to a postgraduate level in English, then they’ll have a better understanding of the subject, and so can justify a higher hourly rate.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best fit for your child. Their advanced knowledge may mean they find it harder to simplify their teaching for lower levels of education.

It’s also important to take your tutor’s experience into account. A more experienced English tutor will be aware that their job isn’t just to explain the concepts, but to infuse your child with critical thinking skills and a willingness to learn outside of lessons.

Experienced tutors will be able to handle that better, and so they can justify charging a little bit more.

Have you considered online English tutoring?

online english tutoring

Online tutoring has risen in popularity over the last few years, with many parents now preferring it to in-person teaching.

One reason for this is that there are no travel costs involved, both for you and your tutor. It means you don’t have to find a way to transport your child to their tutor, and it means your tutor doesn’t have to include fuel costs in their hourly rate.

Essentially, the lack of travel means a lower cost for you.

Online tutoring is also a great approach if your child would be much more comfortable learning from the comfort of your home. Parents often find that their children can focus better when in a familiar space, provided there are no exciting distractions around!

A lot of online tutoring platforms like Tutorful offer a range of useful features to aid your child’s learning. These include video chat, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard.

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