18th July, 2019

How Much Does A Spanish Tutor Cost?

By Hannah C

If you’re wanting to find a Spanish tutor for your child, but don’t know how much one costs, then we’ve got you covered…

The average cost of a Spanish tutor in the UK is £21.81, when you consider location and level of study. London is home to the most expensive Spanish tutors, at £57.17 per hour. Dundee has the cheapest at £17.16.

What are the Spanish tutor prices near me?

City Average Hourly Cost (£)
London £57.17
Nottingham £23.63
Sunderland £23.12 
Oxford £22.65 
Cambridge £22.21 
Derby £21.33 
Peterborough £21.23 
Wakefield £21.05 
Southampton  £20.90 
Bristol £20.83 
York £20.41 
Leeds £20.32 
Leicester £20.24 
Birmingham £20.09 
Newcastle £20.05 
Coventry £19.19 
Plymouth £19.97 
Liverpool  £19.93
Manchester  £19.69 
Portsmouth £19.68 

The table above shows a breakdown of the different costs of a French tutor depending on where they are. The change in price is usually related to the affluence of the area, and the demand for Spanish tutors.

How much is a Spanish tutor for each level of study?

Another major factor that affects the cost of a Spanish tutor is the level of study they’re teaching at.

A-Level Spanish will ultimately cost more than Primary school level. That’s simply because higher levels require a great knowledge of the language.

Here are the different average rates for each level of study:

  • Primary — £21.58
  • KS3 — £21.88
  • GCSE — £21.63
  • IB — £22.08
  • A-Level — £21.87

What factors affect the cost of a Spanish tutor?

We’ve covered location and level of study, so let’s look at a couple of other factors. The two main ones worth considering are what certifications the tutor has, and how much teaching experience they have.

A Spanish tutor with a degree in Spanish will be able to justify a higher rate, as they’ll have a greater command of the language. It’s also worth pointing out that a native Spanish speaker will have the best possible knowledge, and so could charge even more.

Also important is how much experience they have with teaching kids. A good tutor doesn’t just teach their subject, but also helps their students to develop the confidence they need, and a passion for the subject.

A more experienced Spanish tutor will be able to instil that passion in your child. They’ll also be able to better cater to their individual needs.

Have you considered online Spanish tutoring?

online spanish tutoring

An increasing number of parents (and their kids!) are turning to online tutoring. There are several reasons for this.

One reason is that it cuts out travel. From a parent’s point of view, it means no more ferrying your child from door-to-door. From a tutor’s point of view, it means no more travelling to students. Ultimately, this can lead to cheaper rates.

Another reason is that it allows your kids to work from the comfort of their homes, improving concentration, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Not only that, but kids are becoming increasingly used to learning online. They use the internet to watch educational videos, complete homework, and conduct further research. Online tutoring will feel natural to them.

Tutorful’s online tutoring platform is designed to provide the perfect learning experience. With a range of great features, including an interactive whiteboard, Tutorful provides a fun and engaging learning environment for your child.

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