23rd July, 2019

How Much Does A Science Tutor Cost?

By Joe D

The average cost for a Science tutor in the UK is £21.37, taking location and level of study into account. The most expensive place to hire a Science tutor is London, with an average cost of £27.64. Lincoln is the cheapest, with an average hourly rate of £18.52.

What are the Science tutor prices near me?

City Average Hourly Cost (£)
London £27.64
Oxford £26.91
Cambridge £25.55 
Bristol £21.82 
Southampton £21.79 
Derby £21.71 
Nottingham £21.69 
Peterborough £21.36 
Portsmouth  £21.32 
Wakefield £21.31 
Liverpool £21.25 
Manchester £21.17 
Edinburgh £21.01 
Leeds £20.97 
Sunderland £20.89 
Glasgow £20.63 
Plymouth £20.38 
York  £20.25
Bradford  £20.25 
Coventry £20.22 

The table above shows a breakdown of the average prices for a Science tutor. Generally speaking, the cost of a Science tutor changes depending on the relative affluence of an area. That’s why London is often more expensive.

How much is a Science tutor for each level of learning?

As well as location, the hourly rates for Science tutors can vary depending on the level of education that your child is currently at.

Primary level Science, for example, will often be cheaper than A-Level. This is due to the depth of knowledge involved for each stage of education.

Here’s a list of the average prices for Science tutors at each level:

  • Primary — £20.98
  • KS3 — £21.09
  • GCSE — £21.43
  • IB — £21.74
  • A-Level — £21.60

What factors affect the cost of a Science tutor?

The hourly rates of Science tutors can vary according to a number of different factors. Location and level of learning have the biggest impact, but the prices are also affected by the experience of the tutor, and any relevant certifications they hold.

Tutors who hold a pHD in a scientific subject have a more in-depth understanding, and so can usually command a higher rate.

Bear in mind, however, that their knowledge could actually be too advanced, and so they may struggle to simplify concepts for a child at Primary School.

More experienced Science tutors will understand that tutoring isn’t just about teaching the concepts, but also instilling a passion for the subject, encouraging wider learning.

The extra benefits your child receives from experienced Science tutors can often be worth the slightly higher hourly rate.

Have you considered online Science tutoring?

online science tutoring

Online tutoring is now an extremely popular approach that a lot of parents are taking. There are several reasons why online tutoring can be better than in-person teaching.

For starters, there’s no travel involved for both your child and your tutor. This means you don’t have to find a way to transport your child to your tutor’s house, and it means your tutor doesn’t have to factor travel costs into their pricing.

For this reason, online tutoring can often be a cheaper alternative.

Online tutoring can also help your child to learn better. It means they can learn from the comfort of your home, in a space that is familiar to them. Provided there are no distractions — maybe consider unplugging the TV! — then they’ll often concentrate better at home.

Platforms like Tutorful provide fantastic learning resources for online tutoring. This includes great features like video calling, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard. This improves the effectiveness of your child’s tutoring sessions.

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