18th July, 2019

How Much Does A Maths Tutor Cost?

By Hannah C

Looking for a Maths tutor but concerned about the cost? Here’s what you need to know…

The average cost of a tutor in the UK is £21.40, factoring in level of study and geographic location. London is the most expensive place to hire a Maths tutor, with an average cost of £27.34. The cheapest location is Dundee, with an average cost of £20.18.

What are the Maths tutor prices near me?

City Average Hourly Cost (£)
London £27.34
Oxford £26.92
Cambridge £25.64 
Southampton £23.24 
Derby £22.71 
Liverpool £21.78 
Portsmouth £21.63 
Birmingham £21.45 
Edinburgh  £21.07 
Leicester £21.00 
Bristol £20.94 
Chester £20.85 
Coventry £20.77 
Bradford £20.63 
Manchester £20.63 
York £20.61 
Peterborough £20.46 
Leeds  £20.42
Nottingham  £20.27 
Glasgow £20.27 

As you can see from the table above, the cost of a Maths tutor varies widely from town to town. This is generally due to the relative affluence of an area, hence London being the most expensive.

How much is a Maths tutor for each level of learning?

The cost of a Maths tutor can change depending on the level of education that your child is currently at.

This is because higher levels of education typically require a more in-depth understanding of Maths, so tutors can command a higher hourly rate.

Here are the average Maths tutor rates for each level of education:

  • Primary — £20.91
  • KS3 — £21.04
  • GCSE — £21.15
  • IB — £21.82
  • A-Level — £22.10

What factors affect the cost of a Maths tutor?

Maths tutors’ hourly rates can be affected by a number of different factors.

We’ve already covered location and level of learning. Other factors include the experience of the tutor, and any relevant certifications they hold.

Maths tutors with a pHD are often able to justify charging more, as they have a much greater knowledge of mathematical principles.

That being said, tutors with high-level certifications may not be the right fit for a child studying Maths at Primary School. They may struggle to communicate Maths in its most basic terms.

As for experience, tutors who have taught children for years will be much more effective than those just starting off.

Helping your child to understand areas of Maths they struggle with is only one part of a tutor’s job. They also have to instil a sense of confidence in them, and make them believe they can do it.

Tutors with more experience will understand this, and will help your child much more. That’s why they can often charge a higher price for Maths tutoring.

Have you considered online Maths tutoring?

online maths tutoring

Online tutoring is fast becoming a more popular approach with parents for a number of reasons.

Firstly, some tutors work from their own homes, meaning you’ll need to ferry your child back and forth from their lessons. Online tutoring removes the need for any travel.

Secondly, online tutoring means your child can learn from the comfort of their home. This can drastically improve their concentration and ease-of-mind — just don’t keep the Playstation within reach!

The lack of travelling involved on the tutor’s part can also mean that online tutoring is cheaper than in-person tutoring, as they don’t have to factor in time spent travelling, or the fuel costs involved.

Online tutoring is a fantastic way of taking Maths tutoring to the next level. Online tutoring platforms like Tutorful offer a comprehensive working environment for your child, complete with video chat, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard.

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