6th September, 2019

How Much Does A Homeschool Tutor Cost?

By Adam B

The number of parents choosing to homeschool is growing. And so the need for experienced tutors in a range of subjects is rising too. Parents who carry out the majority of homeschool teaching can ask for help from an experienced and qualified tutor when it comes to certain topics. Hiring a private tutor offers students a more detailed and in-depth study of a subject, and makes use of a tutor’s understanding of 1-to-1 learning at home.

Lots of parents are keen to learn more about private tuition but are unsure of the cost. The price of a tutor with Tutorful is based on several elements and can be led by the choices and needs of you and your child. Generally, each tutor session costs between £15 and £35 per hour. Not convinced yet? Here is a collection of stories from people who have made homeschooling work for them

See the Table below for UK averages in key subjects and levels of study. The prices shown are per hour for in-person lessons.

Average prices for homeschool tuition

SubjectPrimary KS3GCSE A-Level
English£20.85 £21.03 £20.86 £21.60
Maths £20.91 £21.04£21.15 £22.10
Science £20.98 £21.09£21.43 £21.60

Each tutor sets their own hourly rate and so the best way to get a specific quote is by searching for tutors in your area.

If you would prefer not to travel to have homeschool tuition, why not give online tutoring a try. Increasingly popular, cost and time-efficient, online learning gives you access to the best tutors across the country.  Using our online classroom, your child is able to video call, use the online whiteboard and share documents with their tutor. 

Take a look at other factors that can play into the cost of a tutor for your homeschooled child.

Age of the student

Depending on the age of your child, there are different educational needs and goals that they should be working towards. If your child has only just entered school-age, then a more general approach can be taken, looking at the basics in several subjects. But if your child is 15-18 years old, the focus could be on the curriculum and necessary skills to pass GCSEs and A-Levels.

How old your child is affects the cost of a tutor by giving you the opportunity to choose a tutor best suited to the needs of your child. Save time, effort and money by selecting a tutor that has experience in teaching the age appropriate content for your child.

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Subject of study

The number of subjects your child can be tutored in is almost limitless. From core subjects like Maths, English and Science, to skills like singing, languages, musical instruments and photography. Depending on the number of tutors that are available in your area, and offering tutelage in that subject, you’ll be able to have more choice between different tutors and the costs they set themselves.

The topic of the lesson will also decide the amount of preparation, resources and equipment needed by yourself and the tutor. Many subjects can utilise paper, pens and textbooks, however more hands-on skills may require an investment such as an instrument, tools, or computer programmes which need to be factored into your cost, or the costs of the tutor, which could increase their hourly rate.

Tutor experience

Tutors want to share their knowledge. The subjects they’re offering to tutor in are often something they have a passion for, a lot of experience in, or even multiple qualifications. If the tutor you have chosen is more qualified in a particular subject area than other people, you may see this reflected in their hourly rate. Those with extensive experience in a topic, or native speakers in the case of languages, may also set their cost at a higher figure.

Here at Tutorful we recognise the benefits of experience in our tutors. Those who have been tutors with us for longer will rack up more “taught hours” which showcases to learners how experienced they are in private tuition. Remember to read the profile of the tutors to learn more about their experience in their subject and as a tutor. You’ll see useful details like how many repeat learners they have and how many hours they’ve taught - and there is space for them to tell you more about themselves.

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Distance and Location

Homeschooling offers the chance to teach and learn in the comfort of your own home, and private tuition can do the same. When searching for your perfect tutor, you can filter results in regards to location and distance in several ways. Choose whether you’d like lessons at your home, the tutor’s home or in our online classroom. For in-person lessons, you can see the distance between your postcode and the tutor and even filter results by distance.

When travelling to you, tutors will factor travel time and costs into their hourly rate and will state how far they are willing to travel. If you’ll be travelling to the tutor’s home, you should consider how long it will take to get there and how much that will cost in addition to the hourly rate. Make sure you consider your own requirements, as well as those of the tutor, before committing to a lesson.

Time and Frequency

One of the biggest factors in the cost of tutoring will be how often you have a lesson. The more lessons you book, the more it will cost. Most tutors operate on a 1-hour lesson basis, but the length of the session and how often the lessons happen are up to you. Some people choose to set a budget while others continue to book lessons for as long as they’re needed. Whether you’re looking for a long-term tutor or a specific number of lessons, speak to your tutor and work out a schedule that works for you both.

Different times of day may also make a difference to the cost of a tutor. As not all of our students are homeschooled, later in the afternoon and evening slots are often popular times as well as weekends. Those with the opportunity to learn during the day could see costs reduced.

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