29th July, 2019

How Much Does A Biology Tutor Cost?

By Hannah C

Looking for a Biology tutor for your child, but have no idea how much you should be paying? We’re here to help…

The average cost of a Biology tutor in the UK is £21.47, when you factor in location and level of study. The most expensive Biology tutors are in Oxford, with an average hourly rate of £27.51. The least expensive are in Dundee, costing you £18.25 on average.

What are the Biology tutor prices near me?

City Average Hourly Cost (£)
Oxford £27.51
London £27.48
Cambridge £26.09 
Peterborough £22.55 
Wakefield £22.50 
Portsmouth £22.43 
Nottingham £22.16 
Southampton £21.99 
Derby  £21.94 
Bristol £21.60 
Liverpool £21.58 
Manchester £21.24 
Birmingham £21.14 
Sunderland £20.82 
Leicester £20.55 
Edinburgh £20.50 
Leeds £20.50 
Glasgow  £20.34
Coventry  £20.07 
Bradford £19.93 

This table gives you a breakdown of how the cost of a Biology tutor changes depending on location. The reasons for these differences are the overall affluence of each area, and the supply and demand of Biology tutors.

How much is a Biology tutor for each level of study?

As well as location, the level of study that your Biology tutor is covering can also affect the cost.

A-Level Biology will cost more than GCSE, purely due to the breadth of knowledge required for each.

Here’s how the level of study affects the cost of Biology tutors:

  • GCSE — £21.14
  • IB — £21.64
  • A-Level — £21.62

What factors affect the cost of a Biology tutor?

We’ve already mentioned how location and level of study affect the cost of Biology tutoring. Other factors include the experience of the tutor, and the certifications they hold.

A Biology tutor who has been educated to doctorate level will have more in-depth knowledge, and as a result they can justify charging more for their tutoring.

But a more important factor is how much tutoring experience they have. While tutors are primarily tasked with helping your child understand key concepts, they should also be able to inspire and instil passion for Biology in your child.

A tutor with more experience will be better able to cater to your child’s needs, making them feel more relaxed and open to learning.

Have you considered online Biology tutoring?

online tutoring for biology

Nowadays, kids use all sorts of online tools when it comes to learning and education. Why not use an online platform for tutoring as well?

For parents, online tutoring provides a number of benefits. Firstly, there’s no travel involved. This means you don’t have to worry about transporting your child to and from lessons. It also means tutors don’t have to charge you for their travel time. Ultimately this can work out far cheaper in the long-run.

As well as the money saving, online tutoring actually provides your child with a better learning experience. They can do it from the comfort of their own home, so they can focus on learning instead.

Tutorful offers an amazing online tutoring experience. It includes key features like video calling, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard.

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