14th June, 2019

How Much Do Piano Lessons For Children Cost?

By Hannah C

How much do piano lessons for children cost? 

The average cost of a piano lesson for a child is between £15- £45 per lesson in the UK for a 1:1 in home tuition lesson, or between £15 and £35 for a 1:1 online piano lesson.

In person 1-hour lesson: Average is £25 on Tutorful

Online 1-hour lesson: Average is £25 on Tutorful

If you're looking for a piano tutor and are unsure where to start, we here at Tutorful have 10,000 expert tutors who charge an average of £25 for a 1 hour piano lesson. 

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The cost can depend on a number of things:

-The area you live in

-How experienced the tutor is

-Whether you’re looking for in-home piano lessons, or whether your willing to travel to a piano tutor near you?

-Whether your happy to have online lessons

-The length of the piano lesson

-How frequently you’re looking for lessons

It’s always important to chat with the piano tutor about yours and your child's specific needs, and talk through with the tutor how piano lessons work, as tutors are most often self-employed and set their own rates. 

In order to get a sense of what learning the piano involves check our handy beginner's guide. If you’re looking for more information about the cost of piano lessons that keep scrolling!

How much do piano lessons cost in England?

Prices can vary across the UK, on average the price of piano lessons is often higher in the south of England, and typically highest around the London area. The north on average has lower prices for in-home private piano lessons, prices typically hovering around £25 and peaking around £35. It’s worth bearing in mind these are ‘typical’ rates. So your tutor may charge more or less depending on your requirements.

How do I find an experienced tutor?

It stands to reason that the more seasoned and experienced piano tutors are likely to charge more than others. Being a qualified teacher, or experienced private tutor, playing the piano for a substantial number of years, or experience tutoring piano students to pass the exams can drive up the price a little.

What is important is how well the piano tutor is able to meet your needs, and help you achieve goals. For example, if you’re not looking for your child to take the ABRSM piano exams, then it may be worth trying to find a tutor who has teaching experience, or experience playing in orchestras or bands. Be sure to discuss your needs with the tutor before booking, we’ve put together a handy guide to finding an experienced piano tutor!

What makes an experienced piano tutor? 

-Qualified teacher status

-Professional private tutor

-Degree or other similar qualification

-Have achieved any number of ABRSM grades

-Have played the piano for a number of years

-Specialise specifically in music theory or practical, or both

-Specialise in helping children pass the ABRSM exams

-Have experience playing in orchestras, bands

-Specialise in a certain style of piano like jazz, classical

-Specialise in teaching keyboard

Are you looking for in-home or at your tutor’s home?

Whether you’re looking for in-home piano lessons, or your happy to have the lessons at the piano tutors home can have an impact on the price of the lessons.

Most tutors consider the distance they have to travel in their rate; that can either be the fuel cost or other travel expenses, or it can be the time taken to reach your home, as it can have a knock-on impact on the number of lessons the tutor can complete in a day. It means that there is a possibility that the price of the piano lesson can be a little higher if your set on having piano lessons in your own home. Equally, if you’re happy to travel to the tutors own home then it may mean that the cost of the lesson is slightly reduced.

It’s important to consider a number of things when making this decision, like your families schedule, and your tutor's availability, how easy it is to travel to either your home or theirs, your own transport options, whether you're comfortable having lessons in someone else's home.

The most important consideration here is your child's access to a piano. If you’re set on your child learning on an acoustic piano you’re going to need one at your home if you’re looking for in-home piano lessons. If you’re happy to travel then it’s very likely that the piano tutor will have on in their home, and you’ll only have to consider how your child will practice - which is something that can be resolved by purchasing a keyboard (often cheaper than pianos)

How much do online piano lessons cost?

Many parents are now opting to get their children online piano lessons, which means no travelling for either tutor or you, and that you have access to the best and most experienced piano tutors across the country, and that the prices are generally a little lower than face to face piano lessons.

For example, if you use a tuition marketplace like Tutorful to search for an online tutor our avg. price for an online piano tutor is £26.

Why not search for an online tutor?

How much are ongoing piano lessons?

If you’re considering taking up block lessons, for example, 1 lesson per week for a total of 8 weeks or 2 lessons per week for 1 month, it may be worth discussing with the piano tutor whether they offer block booking discounts. They may be in a position to offer that, it’s important to remember that most piano tutors are self-employed and don’t always have the ability to offer discounts.

If you’re looking for a piano tutor there are a number of websites that help you find tutors in near you, most allow you to send messages tutors directly to chat about what you’re looking for.

Here at Tutorful, we vet our tutors to make sure you have peace of mind & if you’re not happy with your tutor we’ve got a satisfaction guarantee where we’ll credit your money back! 

If you're still not sure if you wish to take up piano lessons for your children, we've outlined our 5 best reasons right here, and how best to encourage your children when they do start. Or get ahead and start gathering every you need to know about abrsm grade 1 exam for piano. 

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