12th September, 2019

Hiring A Tutor For A Child With Special Educational Needs (SEN)

By Michael H

It is not unusual for any child to experience difficulty in learning at some point in their education. This is often temporary and can be put down to a lack of confidence or problems with a particular subject. However there are some students that need extra or different requirements in their education.

The term ‘Special Educational Needs’ is used to describe the disabilities and extra learning difficulties that can stop children learning at the same speed and level as other children their age. Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) often need additional help and provisions to perform to the best of their ability.

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There is not one set form of SEN. Different children can experience difficulties in one or more areas including problems with understanding and learning, emotional and behavioural needs, speech and language communications, and physical and sensory difficulties.

Most Special Educational Needs can be met by the capabilities of a mainstream school, however different special needs students need to be catered for, and those with more complex needs can benefit from additional resources including private tuition. 

Special Educational Needs

Hiring a private tutor offers a vast range of benefits to any learner, but especially those with additional needs.

  • Tutors are experienced and specialist teachers. Using expertise in particular subjects, tutors can offer a detailed learning environment on the subjects you’re looking for, rather than a broad overview of multiple subjects. If you’re looking for support in one particular subject area, a private tutor is an ideal choice.

  • Having the choice of a tutor who is trained to understand the complexities of SEN. Not only knowledgeable in their subject, tutors with experience handling additional needs can easily adapt their lessons to match the speed, level and challenges that come with disabilities and learning difficulties.

  • Private tuition allows a child to receive the 1-to-1 attention that is best placed to enhance their learning. The tutor is able to give all of their time to the specific requirements of the student rather than splitting their attention with other students. Concentrating all efforts towards the goals of one student means challenges can be highlighted and overcome sooner, in a much more personal method and setting.

  • Frustration with education can easily be overcome by hiring a private tutor. With focused attention, working at a speed and level that suits them, and a less pressured environment, students with SEN can find a new confidence and enthusiasm for learning when working with a tutor. Having a more positive attitude towards education is a superb way of helping them develop knowledge and skills in a variety of subjects.

If you’re considering private tuition for your child and want to support their Special Educational Needs, first speak to their school and get advice on which areas would be the most beneficial to focus on. Some students may have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which can offer welcome guidance to tutors and help in setting objectives.

Depending on the experience of the tutor, the subject and level of study you’re looking for, and any additional requirements, private tuition can vary in price. The hourly rate is set by the tutor and the best way to get an idea of the cost of tuition you are looking for is by performing a search in your local area. With Tutorful there are no hidden fees and the price you see on the website is the rate you will pay for each lesson.

Search Tutorful for tutors in your area and filter results to include those with experience in teaching children with SEN. See results based on subject and level of study and find a tutor that fits the needs of you and your child. Send them a message to start a conversation and organise the next steps of your child’s tuition.

For more information about booking a tutor, visit our FAQs page.

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