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Turn Your Hobby Into a Career You’ll Love

Turn Your Hobby Into a Career You’ll Love

Now that exams are over, parents and students across the country are breathing a huge sigh of relief. Whilst we love being there to help and support stressed students during their exams, it’s not all work and no play! We offer tons of fun subjects here, some which can even lead to a new exciting hobby or career, so read on to find out a little more.

Learn to Code

Ever fancied learning to code? These days it’s the aspiration of many children, but no matter your age it’s something that can open up a lot of doors. We have lots of tutors that offer lessons in many coding languages including Python, Java, and HTML.

Learning a coding language can be a real workout for your brain, but in a few short weeks you could be on your way to building your own website or app, so it is extremely rewarding!

review from royce b about the tutor who helped review the code and was better than their university professor

Get started on Photoshop

Learning Photoshop online can be free and easy, however there will be times when you’re doing everything the tutorial tells you, but yet it just isn’t working. Unfortunately I’m speaking from experience here! In these situations, all you want is to be able to ask someone what you’re doing wrong, but when you’re learning solo, this isn’t usually possible. With the help of a tutor, learning photoshop can be a breeze, as they can help you understand why each step needs to be done and are there to help if you end up stuck.

review from caroline about photoshop tutor Sam, her skills improved and she was delighted

Photography tips and tricks

We may be getting ahead of ourselves here - if your goal is to be a whizz on Photoshop, then maybe you need to start with learning how to take awesome photos. Although we do offer in-person lessons, photography can actually be learnt with one of our online tutors! There is a lot of theory that goes into snapping the perfect pic, so one of our experts can help you understand this, as well as helping you get to grips with all of the buttons and settings on your own camera.

loreal is fantastic, she has a positive and engaging personality

Graphic design for beginners

Another sought after career is the world of graphic design. Children who are passionate about art can start on this path at a young age, and with some extra guidance from one of our experts, they can easily become top of the class. We can help adults learn graphic design too - there is no age limit! We have a range of tutors who are experts in the whole range of Adobe software and who have put together unique lesson plans to help you become a designer.

One of our tutors can even help you become a professional supercar designer!

review about john - he is a knowledgeable teacher and gave their daughter lessons in adobe packages

Hundreds of subjects

Whatever your interests, it's likely we have a tutor who can help (no, seriously, - ballet, boxing, bagpipes - you name it, we teach it!). You'll always get further with the help of a tutor, so let us know what you want to learn.

Kirstan N

Kirstan N

20th Jul 2022