12th November, 2021

And Our Survey Says...

By Kirstan N

It’s no secret that here at Tutorful, we’re the experts in online tutoring.

We know there are so many benefits to learning online that we could write a whole article about it. Oh wait, we did!

However, we think it’s about time you heard from someone other than us about just how life-changing online tuition can be.

We recently carried out a survey of our students to find out how they really felt about online tuition - these were some of the results:

80% of students liked being able to choose the perfect time for their lesson

70% of students like the flexibility of not having to leave the house

53% feel that no travel time or cost plays a big factor in choosing online rather than in-person

47% often use their Tutorful lesson recordings for revision

30% said they even found online lessons were more affordable than face to face lessons

The best part is seeing the dedication of our tutors translate into real results, with 92% of students telling us that they saw an improvement in their studies since having online lessons and 63% seeing a ‘great improvement’!

We’ve also had a lot of great feedback recently from our students, many of them who have moved from in-person tuition to online. Some of this feedback gives such a valuable insight into how some of our students find learning with Tutorful we just had to share it.

It’s So Easy

“I had thought about learning the oboe but was always too busy. The coronavirus lockdown meant I had plenty of free time.

Tutorful was the easiest website to navigate and find a tutor.

They gave good background details about the tutors, making contacting my tutor less scary.

Gaynor is a top-class player and her expertise is super impressive.

I’ll be carrying on with my online lessons.”

- Shelley M, Oboe Student

The Online Classroom

“I felt my son would benefit from some 1:1 support to help improve on his GCSE mock exam results.

I chose Tutorful after looking at the website information.

I really like the classroom’s whiteboard functionality that tutors use and also the useful feedback after the lesson, which includes a recording showing the practice exam paper.

Remote learning provision by my son’s school has not been as helpful as Tutorful!”

- Raj, Parent of GCSE Student

The Best Tutors

“I found myself suffering anxiety over assignments and obsessing about them, spending up to 50 hours on a small essay.

I was on the brink of giving up my dreams of a career change when I decided to google a solution.

That’s when I found Tutorful and then Dr Waseem.

After just an hour lesson I cut my essay writing time by two thirds and achieved 94%!

Now when I look at my next assignment I think to myself, “it’s ok, Dr Waseem will get me through it!”

- Angela, GCSE Student

A Bit of Everything

“I was looking for a science tutor to support my daughter, as she had experienced a loss of confidence in the lessons at school.

I found Tutorful online, both my daughter and I found it useful to use the filters and select a tutor whom she thought she could work with.

The tutor noticed how shy my daughter was, and was able to nurture her learning and engage her in the subject.

We are quite new to Tutorful, but the online learning has been great. ​​I've found the interactive classroom and app invaluable!”

- Melissa, Parent of Science Student

Have You Tried Online?

If not, then maybe it’s time you gave it a shot!

We’ve put together this handy guide which will talk you through exactly what to look for in an online tutor - it really couldn’t be simpler!

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