19th August, 2021

8 Signs Your Child is Watching Too Much TikTok

By Kirstan N

TikTok is one of the fastest growing crazes on the internet. In case you didn’t already know, it’s an app where people can share short video clips of themselves doing wacky challenges, sharing life hacks or beauty hacks, or their cute pets - you name it, there’s a TikTok on it.

It’s aimed primarily at children and teenagers, and with the amount of engaging content on there, it’s no surprise that it has amassed almost 700 million users.

Whilst there is some good that can come out of using TikTok, how do you know if your child is using it a bit too much? Take a look at some of the common signs below.

1. Your child is starting to develop a US accent.

The US is right up there amongst the top content producers on TikTok. We know that in the UK we consume a lot of US TV shows and movies, however the content on TikTok is uploaded by millions of amateur US creators, so there is a real mix of strong accents and dialects.

If you notice that your child has switched the letter ‘t’ to a ‘d’ in the word ‘water’, or the next time you’re at the zoo they ask to go see the ‘zeebras’, you’ll know just what we mean.

2. They’ve replaced some of their usual words with their American counterparts.

A US accent is one thing, but too much TikTok exposure can actually lead to a whole new vocabulary.

The next time you ask your child if they’d like a drink, listen closely to their response. If they respond with “I’ll take a glass of milk” instead of “can I have a glass of milk”, this is a sure sign that they might need to take a break from their phone.

Other common indications are that they’ve replaced the word “nappies” with “diapers” or telling you that they’d love to go on “vacation”. You can always hit up our website for an English tutor if you need to get them back on track (shameless plug, we know!).

3. They keep pestering your family pet

Dog videos are a big thing on TikTok. Cute dogs, funny dogs, intelligent dogs, clumsy dogs - basically, if you have a dog, you have the opportunity to make it big on TikTok.

One of the popular trends on TikTok is “how will your dog react?” videos. So, if you catch your teenager trying to feed a slice of lemon to your dog, or saying their favourite words to try and coax some adorable head tilts out of them, it’s possible that they have dreams of being a TikTok superstar.

4. They can’t stand still

So you’re in the supermarket and your 14-year-old is standing in the queue behind you doing what looks like the “one potato, two potato” dance. However, unless you’re a TikTok user yourself, you won’t know that it is actually one of the viral TikTok dances that millions of children and teenagers across the world strive to learn.

Mastering these dances and posting your own video of them is the current aspiration of so many young people, so you’ll have to get used to them practicing in public.

5. You fear they’re going to come through the ceiling

What is that banging sound? Are the pipes about to burst? Is there an elephant trampling around upstairs? No, it’s probably your teenage daughter stomping around the bedroom practicing for her next TikTok.

It’s even louder when there’s two of them!

This isn’t usually something to worry about - at least they’re getting some exercise! However if you see that your living room light fitting is starting to look a bit loose or notice a smattering of plaster dust on the kitchen floor, maybe it’s time to tell them to take it outside.

6. You’ve been the butt of a few jokes

Unsurprisingly, pranks get a lot of views on TikTok, especially if parents are the victims. If your child is making a habit of creeping into rooms and making you jump or calling you to give you fake bad news, chances are they aren’t doing it just for their own amusement - they may be recording you and sticking it on the internet.

7. You don’t even recognise your own kids

Why does your child keep posting random videos of other kids on their Facebook page? Oh wait, it’s them...using a variety of different filters. These days there are thousands of filters across a ton of different apps, but TikTok is easily one of the worst offenders.

A regular view for many parents!

Common filters include a full face of makeup, different coloured eyes and hair, and ageing yourself up or down - it’s easy to get carried away. If you notice that your child is starting to get involved in the filtering trend, just try to remind them that they are perfect the way they are.

8. You’re confused as to why 90’s love ballads are blasting out of your child’s bedroom

Your daughter is 11 - she has never experienced any form of heartbreak. Therefore why is she listening to I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston on full blast?

Lip syncing is a huge trend on TikTok. Youngsters will often post short clips of them pretending to sing along to a variety of songs, some that are probably a bit inappropriate for their age. Whilst the odd Whitney Houston hit might not be too much of a concern, there are so many songs on there that are full of foul language - that’s when you might need to start intervening.

Want to channel your child’s energy into something more productive?

TikTok is full of informative content, including science demonstrations and maths tips and tricks. However, let’s be realistic - 99% of children aren’t using it for that.

If you want your child to do something a bit more productive in their spare time, you should totally check out our website. We offer more than 300 subjects, so you’re sure to find something on there that they’d enjoy. 

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