26th August, 2021

5 Key Benefits of Online Tutoring

By Kirstan N

Sometimes, you have to try something for yourself to know how good it really is. This is what happened with online learning throughout the pandemic. Many parents had never really considered it as an option until they were left with no other choice during a pandemic that was having a huge impact on their child’s learning.

The resounding feedback that we’ve been getting though is that they’ll never look back, and online tutoring has changed the way that their children will learn for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve never considered online lessons, take a look at the five key reasons that you should absolutely give them a try.


You’ve already battled an hour commute each way to work and sat through eight hours of meetings. You’re finally at home and now you have to quickly cobble something together for your child’s dinner before setting off to the other end of town, dropping them off at their piano lesson. You then have the fun of sitting outside in the car for an hour twiddling your thumbs whilst you wait for them to finish.

Online lessons are the solution to all of this. No commuting, no rushing to leave, no waiting around. Having an online tutor means that you can easily set your own schedule and do your own thing whilst your child has their lesson. It means no commuting costs, and as soon as the lesson is over your child can close their laptop and relax for the rest of the day.


Leaving your child with a stranger is always going to be a concern for parents. It’s difficult trying to balance allowing your child to grow and develop independently with wanting to make sure that they’re safe at all times.

With online lessons, your child won’t be in the same room as the tutor, which will automatically remove a lot of parents’ concerns. Better yet, at Tutorful, all of our lessons are recorded, which means that if you or your child ever had any concerns following a lesson, the recording can always be safely reviewed.

We take safety very seriously, which is why tutors that have a verified DBS check have a badge prominently displayed on their profile.


Our primary reason for recording lessons is safeguarding, however we’re all about two birds, one stone, which is why we are about to launch lesson recordings as a revision tool for students! They will soon be able to revisit any of their lessons from over the past 12 months to help with revision, recapping tricky topics, mastering pronunciation in language lessons, hearing their tutor expertly demonstrate that solo in their guitar lesson - the list goes on!

Better still, since everything is done online and it’s super easy to annotate, share, and give feedback on documents, it means there are a lot of resources when it comes to revisiting the lesson topic.

You can take a look at our online classroom here to see for yourself just how easy it is to collaborate with your tutor.


Live in a remote village where the nearest maths tutor is 35 miles away in the next town? Online learning is the solution. You don’t have to settle for the nearest tutor, you can browse and compare the best of the best from all across the UK. It means that you have so much more choice - you can find a tutor at a price and level that suits you and have access to over 300 subjects.

Let’s say you want to learn Hebrew - the chance of you finding someone nearby to help you out with that is probably slim to none. We may not have tons of Hebrew tutors (10 to be exact!) but that’s still 10, qualified, experienced tutors who are ready to work around your own schedule. All you would need to do is browse their profiles, find someone who you feel can help you achieve your goals, and book a free video chat to make sure they’re a great fit.

Structured Lessons

In-person tutoring is much less predictable than online lessons. When you arrive, there’s the chance that the previous session has overrun and that you will end up being the one who loses out on valuable time. Once you’ve entered the room, there’s the taking off of coats and bags, shuffling seats around and a few minutes of pleasantries and chitchat.

None of this is the case with online tutoring. From the minute you join, it’s so much easier to jump straight into the learning, which means that you can accomplish more in the allotted time.

Online tutoring is the solution for students and parents who appreciate that you are there to learn, and just want to crack on and get things done.

Online vs In-Person - Which is Right For You?

We would never sit here and tell you that online tutoring is the solution for every single type of student. We know that simply isn’t true.

However, we also know that it is a great solution for so many people, and this has been demonstrated in the awesome feedback that we have been getting from parents.

It’s great for building the confidence of children that suffer from social anxiety, perfect for parents with busy schedules, and a lifesaver for families in remote areas with no access to quality tutors.

If you’re still unsure, take a look through the subjects we offer and consider booking a free video chat to get to know one of our tutors, or booking in a trial lesson as some tutors offer them at discounted rates.

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