8th August, 2019

5 Inspirational Young People You Should Keep an Eye On

By Katelyn C

At Tutorful, we firmly believe that youngsters get a bad rep. They’re often unfairly labelled as lazy or selfish.

This International Youth Day, we decided to prove those stereotypes wrong.

Here are 5 amazingly inspirational young people who will make you sit up and take notice.

1) Greta Thunberg (16 Years Old)

By European Parliament from EU - Greta Thunberg at the Parliament, CC BY 2.0

Greta is a Swedish activist. At the tender age of 15, she led a protest outside the Swedish parliament building about the impending dangers of climate change.

The support for this protest grew incredibly quickly, resulting in over 1.4 million students protesting around the world in March this year.

Greta has garnered several accolades in just one year. She’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, featured on the cover of Time Magazine, and granted the Ambassador of Conscience Award by Amnesty International.

She’s had a real-world impact too. The EU boss, Jean-Claude Juncker, announced a new plan to spend hundreds of billions of Euros in an attempt to combat climate change.

Greta is proof that young people care for far more than themselves, and that they have the ability to achieve anything, no matter their age.

2) Cori “Coco” Gauff (15 Years Old)

By si.robi -  CC BY-SA 2.0

Coco is an American tennis player. She recently made sporting headlines when she received a wildcard entry to the Wimbledon tennis championships.

The world watched as Coco defeated her heroine, Venus Williams, in the first round. In fact, the 15 year old made it all the way to Round 4.

Coco is the youngest ever player to reach the main draw at Wimbledon, and she became such an inspiration that her third round match was played on Centre Court.

The media and Coco’s fellow players congratulated her on her performance and maturity throughout the tournament.

Coco has likely inspired hundreds of kids to pick up a tennis racket, and she’s showing the world that young people can be equally as determined and mature as their elders.

3) Rishab Jain (14 Years Old)

Rishab is an American researcher, scientist, and inventor. Oh, and he’s only 14. Last year, he created an AI algorithm that will help doctors accurately treat the pancreas in cancer patients.

Previously, the pancreas has been difficult to pinpoint. This is due to other organs blocking the way, and the fact that breathing can often move it out of position.

Rishab’s algorithm will help track the location of the pancreas, so that radiation can be applied exclusively to it. This lessens the danger of killing perfectly healthy cells that are nearby, and improves the efficiency of the treatment.

The project, for which Rishab was awarded a $25,000 prize, was mainly inspired by a family friend who died of cancer.

Rishab is a stark reminder that the youth of today are the innovators of tomorrow, and that they have the creativity and knowledge to make the world a better place.

4) Marley Dias (14 Years Old)

Marley is an American activist and feminist. She first ventured into the limelight aged just 11, when she created the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign.

After complaining to her mother that the books she read were always about white boys, she became inspired to do something about it.

Her campaign is a book drive that originally aimed to collect books featuring black, female protagonists. In just a few months, she had collected 9,000 books, and raised a lot of discussion about the lack of diversity in children’s literature.

Since then, Marley has written and published her own book, and is currently the youngest editor at elle.com.

Marley has shown the world that young people not only care about the injustices of the world, but have the strength and willpower to do something about it.

5) David Hogg (19 Years Old)

By Barry Stock - CC BY-SA 2.0

David Hogg is a writer and activist from the USA. He was enjoying a normal day at school when a gunman entered and killed several of his fellow students. During the shooting, Hogg used his TV production experience to interview other students, and update the outside world.

Fortunately, David survived the attack. He then went on to co-found Never Again MSD, a gun control advocacy group, with 19 other students.

Along with his co-founders, David helped sign up 50,000 young people for the midterm elections, and frequently campaigns for tighter restrictions on gun sales in the USA.

He also co-wrote a book with his sister that made the New York Times Bestseller list. All of the proceeds from the book are being given to charity.

David is a prime example of how young people are able to turn the most harrowing of experiences into something positive that helps to make the world a better place.

They Are the Future

The kids of today will be making the world of tomorrow. In fact, it seems they’ve already started.

The young people in this article are just 5 of thousands others like them. They’re creative, intelligent, empathic, curious, and determined. They’ve learnt from the mistakes that previous generations have made. All they want to do is make the world a better place.

Maybe it’s about time we let them...

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