6th September, 2019

3 Reasons You Should Hire A Tutor For Your Homeschool Child

By Michael H

There’s many reasons that some parents opt for teaching their children at home. From religious beliefs, to special educational needs, there is a rising number of families who believe their children respond better to the smaller and calmer learning environments of homeschooling and private tuition.

Since 2014, the number of children being educated at home in the UK has increased sharply. Whilst still accounting for less than 1% of school age children, around 48,000 children are homeschooled instead of in a school environment.

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Homeschooling allows many children to benefit from a more tailored approach to education. Private tutors offer these benefits too. As extra curricular learning to children in school, but also as a core part of the structure for many homeschooled children.

Discover 3 reasons to hire a tutor for a homeschool child:

1 - Specialist knowledge

Tutors have experience and qualifications that give them specialist skills and knowledge. Beyond the basics for exam preparation, homeschool students can benefit from private tuition with a richer and more detailed education than the broad and general knowledge offered by downloadable resources. A tutor’s extensive understanding in a subject can make a more lasting impression with the student and be of more use to their development.

Private tutors can use their experience from previous teaching jobs to offer expert advice about the structure of education. Tutors are known for answering questions about exams and what to expect, understanding the particulars of the curriculum, and the most common concerns. Tutoring is a tried and tested method of teaching that offers a more informed process for homeschool students.

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2 - Tailored 1-to-1 teaching

Both private tuition and homeschooling create a 1-to-1 learning environment that can be helpful to the development of a student. Compared to the atmosphere of a regular classroom, the more intimate teaching styles means that all of the teacher’s attention is focused on the child they’re working with. All questions and problems can be asked in a direct way and not get missed in the bustle of controlling 30 children at once.

With 1-to-1 tuition, any challenges that occur can be highlighted early, and the work easily adapted to accommodate the needs of the student. Tutors are experienced at adapting their learning plans for the specific needs and working styles of private tuition and will happily adjust activity based on a variety of factors, something that a set in stone curriculum cannot do. Many tutors are happy to incorporate a structure a child is used to and responds well with, or resources that have worked for them in the past.

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3 - Refresh enthusiasm for learning

Children who are homeschooled can sometimes have a negative relationship with learning. If they’ve had a bad experience in a traditional school, or a family was unsatisfied with the support received in overcoming challenges like SEN, the relationship with education can create extra pressure and discomfort with students.

Working with a professional tutor can quickly lead to a positive and healthy attitude towards learning. By encouraging new behaviour and creating happier memories in connection with learning and development, homeschool students can start to enjoy education again. Instead of a parent, a hired tutor offers a trained professional the student can be honest with about what they enjoy, what they understand, and how they feel about learning.

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